JUNE 2020

Summer is here! The sun is beaming down. Temperatures are in the 90's or 100's every day. It makes for hot and sweaty field work, but we will never take field work for granted again.
We are so glad to be back on the trail and in pursuit of our Alexandria Project goal to preserve 225 sites by the end of the year.

Also this month:
  • We have welcomed a new summer intern, Bec Heyman, who is working remotely from Memphis with Science Director, Karen Steelman.
  • We are beginning to formulate our plans for long-term curation of Alexandria Project data and preparing a National Endowment for the Humanities proposal to request funding to prepare for this important project step.
  • Karen is drafting publications on the radiocarbon dates obtained on Lower Pecos rock art that will add a great deal to our knowledge of this incredible art tradition. (More on this soon!)
  • Shumla's Board of Directors and I are working hard to see Shumla through these trying times, find new ways to conduct our projects, programming and community outreach, and plan for a sustainable future.

When you make a gift to Shumla it goes directly to fund our staff and programs. Best of all your gift will contribute to the Summerlee Foundation $100,000 Match Challenge - doubling the impact!

This month we are filled with gratitude for the magic of this land and art, the strength and health of our team and loved ones, and YOU - our friends who make our jobs possible. We wish we could be together in person, but we will continue to share with you from afar and look forward to when we can come together again.

Wishing you a great start to the summer.

All the best,

Jessica Lee Hamlin
Executive Director

P.S. If you enjoyed last month's coloring page for kids of all ages, scroll down to see what we have for you this month. Be sure to share your version with us on Facebook and Instagram .
With safety measures in place, our team is back to the field and documenting the pictographs of the Lower Pecos.

We've completed digital preservation at our 189th site.
Only 36 more to reach our goal.

It's so close we can taste it!
Join us in welcoming Bec to Shumla!
Bec Heyman is a senior at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. She self-designed her major combining studies in studio art, art history, and chemistry. You may be wondering how those topics combined but these studies fit together perfectly when you have Bec's career aspirations in mind. She wants to be an art conservator! An art conservator is someone who preserves culture by helping to fix art objects. They make topical, visual, and aesthetic repairs to art pieces by understanding the composition, material, and chemistry of the piece itself. This process allows future generations to enjoy the work long after it might have been lost. (Sound familiar? Now you see how well she fits in at Shumla!)
Bec is interning with Shumla for the summer. She was supposed to be moving to Texas to work in the lab with Dr. Karen Steelman processing paint samples and preforming chemistry research on the rock art of the Lower Pecos. COVID-19 shifted these plans to a virtual internship working with Shumla remotely from Memphis.
Bec will train with Karen and develop blog posts to share the scientific work that goes on in Shumla’s lab.

Welcome Bec!
Our Publications and Presentations pages on the website have been a hit! Have you checked them out yet?

Click here to view our Publications page where we share articles on various topics such as rock art research, radiocarbon dating, and much more.
Click here to view our Presentations page which showcases public and academic talks presented by the Shumla staff.

Be sure to check back on our website as we are always adding more publications and presentations.

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This month's coloring page is brought to you by Rattlesnake Shelter, a large rockshelter near the Rio Grande.
Rattlesnake Shelter is considered a “type site” for Pecos River style rock art and has received extensive archaeological attention. This rockshelter wall, which is property of Texas Tech University, contains a 33-meter long panel of Pecos River style rock art, dense with well-preserved imagery. When Shumla completes full figure documentation of a rock art panel, we assign a unique identification number to each rock art figure. You'll be illustrating anthropomorphic figure A003 for this coloring page and learning more about this figure's attributes and paint layering along the way.

If you want to learn more about Rattlesnake Shelter, click here to read our blog post about this expansive mural.

Click here to download your Rattlesnake Shelter coloring page!

Click here to view the GigaPan and get a closer look at the image to reference while coloring. You'll have to zoom into the upper left side of the GigaPan image to find this spot.

Be sure to tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram. We want to see your version of the Rattlesnake Shelter coloring page!
$41,000 RAISED... $59,000 TO GO
We have a $100,000 Match Challenge on the table generously pledged by The Summerlee Foundation.

Making the match is foundational to Shumla's success. It means that your gift of any amount will have double the impact. Will you help us make it all the way?
We've been so moved by the community surrounding and supporting us. Thank you for your notes, thoughts and gifts. Your support allows us to continue our mission to preserve the ancient art of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands of Texas.

Thank you from all of us at Shumla!
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