January 2022
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Inside This Issue... "Nick News" features cadets, Space Station in-flight crew joins cadets for Q&A, CAP's Year in Review, "Honey, I shrunk the fighter jet," planned giving resources, youth leadership conference highlights, Operation Pulse Lift update, alumni spotlight, CAP goes crypto, final salute, and more...
National Television
"Nick News" Features CAP This Week
CAP’s cadet program was featured on the Nickelodeon on Wednesday, Jan. 19.
Nickelodeon’s “Nick News” host Gabrielle “Gabby” Green took viewers into the day of a cadet. She visited the California Wing for an orientation ride, learned about CAP's aerospace education program, and talked about the organization's emergency services missions.
Space Station Crew Answers Cadet's Questions
A Year in Review - Civil Air Patrol's Top Ten
Honey, I Shrunk the Fighter Jet:
Meet CAP's adorable Mini F-16
Ron Koplin, the commander of the Wisconsin Wing's Timmerman Composite Squadron, drives a mini F-16 in a parade in St. Francis, Wisconsin. (Photo courtesy Ron Koplin / CAP Timmerman).
Ron Koplin was pushing the F-16 fighter jet into a steep climb when disaster struck: the lights in the cockpit started flickering and he began losing power. “I hit the brakes but it was not enough to hold me, so I thought ‘Eject! Eject!’” Koplin said. 

But ejection was not an option, because Koplin was not actually flying an F-16 fighter jet miles above the earth. Instead, he was...
Here's a Resource for Your Estate Planning
CAP wants to provide you with a resource that others like you have found helpful in taking control of their planning. Our personal estate planning kit is a tool that can be used to facilitate your future estate plans, document your intentions for your family and your loved ones, and support the causes most dear to you.
Participants in CAP's Youth Development Conference Focus on 'Interactions in Action'
Cadet Programs hosted the third annual Youth Development Conference online Jan. 14-16, drawing 90 participants — including wing- and region-level cadet program directors, CAP-USAF liaison region staff, national cadet team members and positive youth development experts — to explore “Interactions in Action.”
Retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Raymond Johns, former Air Mobility Command commander and now an orientation ride pilot for the Hawaii Wing as a Civil Air Patrol senior member, kicked off the conference..
During Crisis
National Commander Leads by Example
The state of the nation’s blood supply is critically low, prompting the American Red Cross to declare, for the first time, a National Blood Crisis.
Much of the nation is nearly at or below a one-day supply, forcing some surgeries to be postponed.
National Commander/CEO Maj. Gen. Edward D. Phelka (pictured here) responded to the news by making an appointment to donate blood Sunday and asked others to follow suit.
“Join me in participating in Operation Pulse Lift and help save lives,” Maj Gen Edward Phelka, CEO/National Commander
When it comes to blood drives...
I participate as often as possible. I will be signing up for this drive, too.
I donate blood occasionally, and will look at this opportunity.
I donated blood years ago. Maybe I will particpate in this drive.
I do not participate in blood drives, but thanks for asking!
Saving Lives
CAP's search and rescue missions continue. This map represents the number of saves since Oct. 1.
Alumni & Friends Spotlight

David Vermillion
Cadet Alumnus, California Wing

Current Job: U.S. Space Force

My cadet photo shows me with a plane I was using for flight lessons under a CAP flight scholarship.
Graduating from Officer Undergraduate Space Training
Why did you join Civil Air Patrol?
I joined CAP because I wanted to gain exposure to the Air Force culture, improve my leadership skills, and serve my community.
What is your current career?
I'm currently a Space Operations officer in the Space Force.
What specific lesson/experience from CAP has influenced your career or your life?
As the cadet deputy commander for a drill and ceremonies academy, I learned how much planning goes into selecting a quality team, developing a quality plan, and leading that team to success. I applied lessons learned from that experience to my experiences in college Air Force ROTC and several training scenarios in the Space Force.
What else should we know about you?
I recently changed my LinkedIn title to say that I'm the "Space Data Guy."
Over the last few years, I discovered a passion for visualizing data and providing decision-makers with force-multiplying automated processes. I'm excited to continue developing artificial intelligence and insight dashboards to significantly impact Space!
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Remembering Those Who Have Passed
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