How diverse are the foods you eat?

According to a recent report by The World Wildlife Fund and Knorr, 75 percent of the food we consume comes from just 12 plant sources and five animal sources. Wheat, corn and rice comprise almost 60 percent of the plant-based calories in most diets. Researchers say the lack of variety in agriculture is bad for nature and a threat to food security. We must diversify our eating habits to protect the planet and ensure we are able to feed the world's growing population.

The report Future 50 Foods identifies which foods are best based on on their:
  • high nutritional value
  • relative environmental impact
  • flavor
  • accessibility
  • acceptability, and
  • affordability.

The foods include 13 cereals, grains, and tubers; 12 beans, legumes, and/or sprouts; 18 vegetables, three mushrooms, and four nuts or seeds. Review the list and see where you stand and how you can make a difference!