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July 5, 2018

Hi, folks!

Sorry for the silence! We've been so busy, that we have not written in months. I hope you've all had a great run from July until now.

The PortSide team has been making great strides, from work on the business plan to expand into the adjacent warehouse, growing programs. TankerTime, both day and night, really expanded this summer.

Below are various ways to help out.  We will take help with the shipwork whenever you can offer it rather than scheduling shipwork volunteer days.  FYI, w e can always use help even if we're not sending you volunteer newsletters, so feel free and encouraged to reach out whenever you have time.

Help by sending an email of support! 

You can help out and support  the business plan by sending an email saying what you think is great about our programs,  why you volunteer at PortSide, why you think the EDC should provide the adjacent warehouse space so we can expand, etc. We will share some quotes with the EDC.

Wednesday, 11/28, we present to the EDC so please send us such messages by Thanksgiving if you can, latest by Monday after Thanksgiving.

Physical projects

The biggees are winterizing, and finishing the skylight project due to cold weather, and before that, prepping for  the Coast Guard (USCG) ship inspection  this Friday 11/16. This is the 1st such inspection we have requested. It is part of our seeking the ship equivalent of a building permit that would allow use to rent the boat out for events, earning us needed revenue, or charge entry fees for some events. 

To do by USCG inspection
  • 6 life rings: sand & spray paint ship name & homeport on them. 
  • Hang life rings around boat
  • General tidying up and housekeeping so USCG can see spaces and we look shipshape:
    1. Shop vac top of engine
    2. Clear fidley of clutter
    3. Tidy wheelhouse project area so USCG can inspect
    4. Tidy engine room workbench
    5. return tools to Tool Crib thanks to 2, 3, 4
    6. Tidy tool crib

Peter (left/front) working on a skylight. Matt (right/back) welding some patches.

URGENT Skylight project

The fidley skylights were removed to strip the paint and deal with rust under some of the portlights. We need this all put back together before deep cold arrives, as the temporary plywood caps over the skylight areas are drafty!  All parts will be taken to DC9's training center for stripping and painting the steel and polishing the bronze. After the parts come back here, we put Humpty Dumpty back together again and re-install. To do ASAP:
  • Remove cranks from bulkhead
  • Pull out paint to send to DC9
  • Rent truck, drive stuff to LIC DC9 training center
Exterior Steel repairs

Matt Perricone is welding patches around the exterior of the house where water was rusting its way out in the decade that the ship was untended. 
  • Prime the steel doublers that Matt welded outside Captain's cabin
Painting projects - not urgent
  • Apply Ospho rust converter (stopper) under Captain's Cabin bunk
  • After that, paint under Captain's Cabin bunk
  • Scrub rust stains with dilute Ospho to see if that removes stains. If so, scrub off stains in places around the ship exterior.
  • Finish painting the fidley and 2 companionways. This is not urgent. This is after everything else.

Thanks for any assistance! Chiclet looks forward to helping you with shipwork!

Help out during educational programs

We are excited about a new partnership with a Red Hook K-5 school PS676 that is turning itself around.   We are developing plans with various teachers, starting with science. 

Can you help here during their field trips from 3pm to 5:30pm during two weekdays a week? Those days are soon to be decided. These will be 4th & 5th graders working with their science teacher. We'll be planning trips with more PS676 grades and teachers soon. 

December holiday party 

We want to have a party for PortSide volunteers. December is a busy time and you busy people surely have lots of invitations, so please send your lists of days when NOT to do this, and we'll come back to you with some options.  Maybe we could play Maritime Jeopardy; created by Nicolas Anderson for Second Sundays TankerTime in the photo above.

Nature news! 

Peter Rothenberg spotted a Great Blue Heron near the ship on election day! I did not focus the camera so well... Here's our growing list of Atlantic Basin critters in Red Hook WaterStories.

Thanks again! Hope to see you aboard soon! 




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