March 30, 2020
We need your help
Some of our 2019 Partner Families
As we shelter in place, we turn our thoughts and prayers to so many of our neighbors who are already struggling to afford inadequate shelter. Homes that are unsafe because of substandard wiring, or lack of a dependable water supply. Apartments too small for the family that are full of leaks and mold.

They are hardworking families living paycheck to paycheck. They are the hourly workers losing their jobs during the ripple effect of COVID-19. Families for whom the frustration felt at the grocery store is not due to a shortage of bread or toilet paper, but to always feeling the need to make tough choices. Healthy groceries or this month’s rent? Filling a prescription, or paying the water bill?

These are our partner families .

They are who we work with, side by side,to build not only a house, but their futures. Now, more of our neighbors are going to need a hand up. We have the need and the capacity to build 8-10 houses every year and are only limited by our resources.

Habitat McLean is doing what we can to ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers, and partner families. We suspended volunteer activities. All staff are working from home; we closed the affiliate office and the ReStore. Closing the ReStore, along with postponing the Love Thy Neighbor choir concert (one of our main fundraisers of the year typically held in April), has had a serious impact on our ability to help McLean County families in need, as they both provide crucial sources of revenue. The ReStore also serves the community as a vital resource for reasonably priced furniture, appliances, home goods, and building materials. 
We’ve pushed back our target start date for this year’s builds to July 1 st, but we’ll need help closing the funding gap. You can help empower this year’s partner families to build better futures. You can give them stability, strength, and self-reliance through safe, decent and affordable shelter.

We typically do not use the Cornerstone to make a direct appeal for contributions. Its purpose is to keep you up to date on our work, our partner families, and ways to get involved. However, these are unusual times.

We know many of you are among those struggling.
We know others of you are secure and able to help.

If you are currently contributing to Habitat McLean, thank you for your support. Please consider adding a little extra, in any amount you can. If you have never contributed or are in the position to make a one-time gift, please take the time to do so today.
We appreciate anything you can do for McLean County families in need of safe, affordable housing.

If you need to suspend your monthly donations due to a change in your circumstances, we understand. Please email office manager Carol Kuester to let her know.
Other ways to help
There are other ways Habitat McLean could use your help.
  1. We know you hold our mission close to your heart. Please keep our partner families in your thoughts and prayers.
  2. Gather a team of volunteers to be ready to go once building starts. Email volunteer coordinator Lindsey Jarboe to schedule a tentative date for your group.
  3. Paint a chair for Chairs 4 Change. This will be a significant fundraiser for both Habitat McLean and Recycling Furniture for Families. If you don't have one of your own, Frank Downes has offered to meet you at Recycling Furniture, 515 N Center, to pick up a free chair. Please PHONE AHEAD to set up a time to meet him: (309)826-9677. Download the artist submission form here.
We'll reopen!
Rest assured - we will reopen the ReStore as soon as possible.

We’re hearing from many of you who are taking advantage of being home to clean out closets and garages and basements. Please be patient and hold onto your stuff! We will begin accepting donations as soon as we reopen.

Follow any updates at the ReStore Facebook page.