Dear MATE Family and Friends,

Can you help MATE "match" up?

Have you heard of the TV show, the Match Game? We have our own exciting version of a “match” happening over the next 45 days with your help!
A generous donor has challenged MATE with a 3:1 matching grant. If we raise $9,000 now, we will receive a $27,000 matching gift to buy needed building supplies to support MATE’s Housing Ministry’s (MHM’s) home repair program for underserved people in need of safe homes!
With building repair supply costs doubling over last year, what a difference these funds could make to someone who has been impacted by poverty and COVID-19? Our volunteer work teams could install more ramps and complete many more home repairs so our neighbors in need will be warm, healthy and safe.
As always, thank you for supporting MATE’s work. MATE is able to “love our neighbor” because of YOUR generous hearts!
YOU show people who are struggling in Central Western Maine that they matter; they are not alone!
YOU bring critical help and renewed hope to the most challenged who are weighed down by stress, COVID-19 and unrelenting poverty!
YOUR partnership is transformative. YOU make lives better!
Can you give today to help MATE “match up” and make life better for people who are financially strapped or who cannot do essential repairs themselves? We hope you will join us in this challenge grant to advance MATE’s home repair cause. Please DONATE NOW to MATE's Housing Ministry using the button below or by mailing a check (mailing address below).
Thank you for your continued generosity to our clients and MATE!

Thea Kornelius, Executive Director
Karen Hagy, MATE Board of Directors

Mission at the Eastward
PO Box 206
Farmington, ME 04938