Celebrating 40 more years of Building Brighter Tomorrows

As we get ready to celebrate 40 years of helping animals find their forever homes, as well as the special holiday season it is a time to share gifts from your heart to show our homeless pets that they are cared for as they find a new loving home. You will find descriptions of symbolic bundles and packages that describe services, items and care for our animals at Town and Country Humane Society. Please know that no matter which package or bundle or gift you choose, your kindness will be used to benefit the health and safety of our cats, dogs and critters.

"Little Maddy had a tough beginning. To see her run, bark, become more aware, meet by gaze and learn to trust has been a beautifully rewarding experience. I have been so blessed to be able to make her part of our family."

Mom, Marilyn R

Experience and gratefulness from a pet perspective

Dear Diary: Today I arrived at a place they tell me is called Town and Country Humane Society. I was really scared and hungry and alone when I got here. But then a really nice Volunteer Human came to pet me. I didn't really know if I should let her at first, but she was very kind and I'm glad I did. Volunteer Human brought me a big bowl of food and my tummy got full for the first time in a really long time. Then Volunteer Human gave me a nice warm bath, dried my fur, and found me a nice warm blanket for my kennel. She tried to play with me but I wasn't really ready for that. Maybe tomorrow. Volunteer Human says that I can stay until my new Humans come to find me. I think that sounds ok. Volunteer Human tells me that there are really nice people called Donor Humans, who give money to Town and Country Humane Society, to help buy food and toys and blankies for animals like me. I hope they know how much I appreciate them. Maybe when I feel a little better, I will give some of the tail wags and sloppy doggy kisses when they come to visit me. Signing off for tonight....Fido (I don't know if that was my name before but that's what Volunteer Human decided to call me, so now I'm Fido )

Celebrating 40 years of Building Brighter Tomorrows 

Friend of Town and Country Humane Society,

Now in existence for over 40 years, Town and Country is celebrating a significant anniversary as we have cared for animals and found their forever homes. Town and Country continues to strive to make a difference for the next 40 years with more adoptions and rescue care. With your continued support we can achieve three main goals for our ongoing success. It is time to build and substantially repair our physical structures to offer expanded education and training for dogs and their human family members; provide at least 40% more space for emergency boarding of animals, thru no fault of their own, needing housing while their families are in crisis due to health, disasters, financial or abusive situations; and increase adoptive, safe spaces for cats, dogs and small critters.

In order to meet our mission and provide services in our community, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support. Our volunteers donate more than an average of 1000 hours monthly to care for our animals and property. Without the assistance of community- minded and animal loving individuals just like you, we wouldn’t be able to serve those in our community each day. By making a tax deductible donation to our capital 40 year celebration campaign, you’ll be directly contributing to saving so many to find loving homes. Additionally you’ll be recognized for your generosity as a supporter on the Town and Country website as well as in our newsletter.

We are depending on your generosity and assistance. The gift selections give you an idea of the costs for the care of our animals. If you would rather give on a monthly basis, we are able to accommodate. Every donation from you makes a difference and is so appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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