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November 7, 2016
Can you help? Final push on outdoor shipwork!
One request and one invitation in this newsletter to volunteers:
  • Please help with outdoor painting and varnishing before it's too cold 
  • Join us at election returns party in Red Hook
Hope to see you at both! But remember to vote, in any case!


Much of the MARY is now shining with new paint, as  you can see in the photo above.

The race is now on to coat the main decks so that snow is not sitting on decks that have been prepped for paint.    

We are blessed with at least another 10 days of warm-enough weather, and it would be great if you could come help put coatings on some key spaces.  

You can come whenever suits you.

The following three paint jobs sound big, but it's fast work since paint is rolled or squeeged as in the photo above.  Peter Rothenberg and I did the starboard half of the ullage trunk in 2 hours, after the cutting in was done.
  1. Paint the other (port) half of the ullage trunk
  2. Prime both lower decks along the ullage trunk
  3. Paint both those lower decks along the ullage trunk
More fastidious work
  • Put some more coats of varnish on the bridge deck rail (sand and varnish)
This teak rail needs more coats of varnish. 
  • Below, the job is sanding around protrusions and then painting the small space in between the windows on the aft end of wheelhouse near where Richard Evans has been restoring the two windows. This is work on secure scaffolding, not a ladder!

Thanks for whatever you can do!

Election returns party at Atelier Roquette
There is an election returns viewing party at Atelier Roquette, the same venue where we had our Norwegian bluegrass Red Hook WaterStories event last year.

It's at 63 Commerce Street, in Red Hook, half a block east of Van Brunt.

They have free snacks, a cash bar, and lots of comfy seating.

It's right near B61 bus stops in both directions, which you can now easily find thanks to our Red Hook WaterStories map! Click on the layers icon at the upper right of the map, select MTA Bus Stations, the bottom option.

Atelier Roquette had debate viewing parties this fall. The setting and good company made it all go down easier.

I'll be there. Hope to see you there!


With appreciation,

Carolina Salguero
Founder & President
PortSide NewYork

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