March 29, 2019
Can you help these clients?
Attorney volunteers can now accept cases through the new site . To accept a case, please click the "Take a Case" button or click "I Can Help" below. 
Please help this grandmother take action against her landlord for destroying all of her personal property. The client says that she was locked out of her home and that the landlord threw out all of the client's personal possessions, including family heirlooms. I can help!

Case Eligibility
  • Client has police reports documenting harassment by the landlord

VLB Added Value
  • Guidance on how to proceed
  • Connection to attorney mentor
Please help this senior citizen create a simple will. She would like to leave her house and her truck to her son. Her husband recently passed and she wants to make sure her son is taken care of. I can help!

Case Eligibility
  • Client knows how she would like to distribute her property
  • Needs an attorney to draft the will

VLB Added Value
  • Templates and guidance for creating a simple will
  • Advice on how to proceed
Congratulations Nick Landau!
Dylan Black (Bradley pro bono chair) and Nick Landau
The US Patent & Trademark Office recently recognized Nick Landau (Bradley) for his pro bono work with low-income patent clients. VLB provides assistance to low-income inventors in Alabama and Mississippi. Nick has been instrumental to the success of VLB’s pro bono patent program.
Please click here if you are interested in volunteering with the patent program.
New website
Head over to  and take a look at VLB's new website. The new site has a ton of great features like the Volunteer FAQs and the Accept a Case page.
Thank you Help Desk volunteers
Greg Harp helping his client at the Civil Help Desk

Kathy Collier (Maynard)
Greg Harp
Priscilla Kelley
Bill Prosch
Lacy Triplett (Bressler)
Emily Vande Lune (Bressler)
Donnie Winningham (Bressler)
Bobby Davis assisting his client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk

Bobby Davis 
Bob Dow (Maynard Cooper)
Priscilla Kelley 
Susan McAlister
Preston Martin (Bressler)
Louis Montgomery (Bhate Environmental)
Rommie Wheeler 
Katie Wilson (Bressler)
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