June 14, 2019
Can you help these clients in need?
Urgent request! Please help this client who has paid her rent but is being evicted. The landlord is also refusing to repair her air conditioning, and she has four small children. I can help!
Case Status: 
  • Client has a hearing June 16th
  • Client has proof that the rental company received and cashed her money order for rent
VLB Added Value:
  • Guidance on how to proceed
  • VLB will provide necessary forms and paperwork
This grandmother needs an attorney to advocate for her with her water company. She is being charged a substantial bill resulting from a leak she says they failed to repair. The client relies on Social Security as her only source of income and is struggling to get by. I can help!  I can help!
Case Status: 
  • Client needs assistance contacting the utility to reduce the amount she owes
  • Current water bill is more than $7,000
  • Client is organized and has documents to support her case
VLB Added Value:
  • Guidance on how to proceed 
  • Connection to attorneys who have dealt with similar issues
Please help this client recover her losses after her housing unit was condemned. She complained to the landlord about the conditions in her unit while continuing to pay rent, but he failed to make repairs, and she is now staying in a shelter with her 14-year-old grandson. She needs to recoup back rent. I can help!
Case status:
  • Client has a copy of the lease and notice that the house was condemned
  • Section 8 was paying the rent but has stopped
VLB added value:
  • Guidance on how to proceed 
  • VLB will provide necessary forms 
This client needs assistance with a Section 8 housing issue. The house she was staying in failed inspection and lost its Section 8 funding, so she is now being forced to pay the balance of the rent under the threat of eviction. She has no water, high utility bills, and no air conditioning.  I can help!
Case Status: 
  • Client still has Section 8 status 
  • She needs help filing a complaint against her landlord
VLB Added Value: 
  • Guidance on how to proceed
  • VLB will provide necessary forms
Thank you for all your hard work!
Thanks to these volunteers who shared their time and expertise at recent VLB Help Desks. We can’t do it without you!
Paul Greenwood (far left) and Jeremy Retherford (far right) with Balch summer associates who shadowed at the Bankruptcy Help Desk

Paul Greenwood (Balch)
Kendra Johnson (LSA)
Christian Pereyda (Maynard)
Jeremy Retherford (Balch)

Balch summer associates: Emily McKee , Ames Filippini , Kesli Long , and Julia Yang
Kendra Johnson (second from left) and interns from LSA assist a client at the Civil Help Desk

McKinley Dunn (Lightfoot)
Daphne Hoyt
Kendra Johnson (LSA)

LSA interns: Kat Anderson , Blake Roberts , and Lita Waggoner  
Melinda Guillaume assisting a client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk

Ian Green
Melinda Guillaume
Daphne Hoyt
John Milledge
Diane Paris
Kimberly Araoz, Steve Jackson (seated), and Christian Pereyda volunteer at the Homeless Help Desk
Maynard has generously offered to "adopt" the Homeless Help Desk once a quarter. They are providing all attorney volunteers! If your firm is interested in adopting a Help Desk, click here .

Kimberly Araoz (Maynard)
Kathy Collier (Maynard)
Stephen Jackson (Maynard)
Christian Pereyda (Maynard) 
Holly Worley (Law Office of Holly H. Worley)
Julie Carter helps a client at the Woodlawn Help Desk

Julie Carter (Bradley)
Katie Grayson (Encompass)
Thomas Richie (Bradley)
Andrew Schilder (Encompass)
It's Not Too Late!
Katie Grayson helps a client at the Woodlawn Help Desk
Please consider signing up for an attorney volunteer slot next week. We still have openings at the following Help Desks next week: 

  • Civil 6/17 & 6/20
  • Domestic Relations — 6/19
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