Wednesday June 19, 2019


I’m wondering if we can hypnotize horses, in some way or another? I was searching and digging for how horses think. I was wondering about it, if we can do it. 

My best regards to you,
Mohammed Al sharif


Thank you for a very interesting question. I wish I knew the answer because the academic world would consider me to be well aware of how horses think. 

The fact is, I don’t know anything about people hypnotizing other people. Several professors have never given me a definitive answer as to how hypnosis is done on the human. I simply don’t know whether horses can be hypnotized nor do I know anyone else who can certify that they know whether horses can be hypnotized. It is my opinion that there is too much conversation from people who claim to know what a horse is thinking but can never seem to prove their conclusions.

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Dually Training Halter for Minis

I am a professional carriage driving trainer, and I have four Dually Halters , Purple, Green, Red and Black. Could not work without them. For example: a client just delivered two Minis that are not even halter broken [never told me that]. The Purple Dually halter is the only way to prevent one rearing and striking anything it can reach, with its front feet. Hopefully, they will be more civilized, in a few days.
Roger C., Verified Buyer

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~ Monty 

Hello Monty,

I've spent years working with horses, most all have problems and I usually can solve them, by trying different things. But I have this one mare that I don't know where to start. She has definitely been so abused that she doesn't trust anyone. I had her to where she would let me touch her face and now out of no where, she has decided to not let me touch her at all, she bolts and runs. If I do get close, she freezes and acts like a bomb ready to blow, eyes wide. Can I ask where you would start with her? When you get a halter on, she will let you do anything, but I would like her to be that way, without a halter or rope. She just doesn't trust, so what ever was done to her, is ingrained in her big time. Really would like to know your thoughts.

Thank you,

Clinician Chris Cox at the Western States Horse Expo near Sacramento California on May 10 2019 and Denise Heinlein, resident instructor for the Monty Roberts International Learning Center. Then we hear about how the horses Coffee and Cream, untouched, are now learning to accept kind humans in their lives, and how they are teaching the next generation about violence-free horse training for the future.