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Galley needs painters, polishers & portholers!
Please pitch in to help finish the job

It's been a while since we've asked the volunteer list for help.  We hope you're all well and that you can make some time for us. It would be great to catch up with people and great to finish this galley renovation speedily!
As mentioned in Thursday's newsletter, we've done a lot of work. The photo series at right give you an idea, and work has progressed beyond the point of the last photo.
We need people to paint. After that, we need folks to clean the floor, polish Monel decorative metal and bronze portholes, tidy up, and put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

The plan for the portholes is to remove them (we'll try that on a test one first), send them out to a professional paint stripper along with the plate rack, two wood shelves and some fittings.  We'd polish the portholes on their return and re-install them, the plate rack, shelves, etc.

While the portholes are out, we can sand and paint the small steel spaces inside the Monel porthole surrounds that are hard to reach while the portholes are in. We'll have to install temporary porthole covers of foamcore insulation and plywood caps so that the weather does not blow in, so there is a bit of non-painting work for those of you who don't like to paint.
If you have experience fixing wood veneer bubbles, we have some on one of the doors on the wood-panelled fridge.

We could really use the help. Carolina injured her right leg in January and has been walking with a cane which has slowed her and this project down, not to mention all the snow!

We'll work around your schedule We'll set up a volunteer day if a bunch of you are interested in the same time slot; or you can come in during daytime weekdays so long as Carolina is on the boat - or if you have your own TWIC card.

If you would like to volunteer, please call Carolina at 917-414-0565 or send an emailThanks!

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