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Dear friends,
COVID fatigue is all around us. But the urgency of keeping people fed, clothed, and in their homes continues to increase. We feel blessed and carried by your generosity during this marathon of frustration and confusion. While no one can predict how or when this pandemic will release its grip, we know that our attention to individuals in crisis is the surest way to help us all get through it.

You have been the critical factor in our ability to help more and more people across the city. Thanks to you, we have doubled the amount of financial support we can provide. Our expanding relationships with other helping organizations have also doubled the number of referrals we make when neighbors come to us for financial support and we understand the underlying problem needs professional attention. And our focus on spiritual growth within the Society has allowed the Spirit to guide our developing personal relationships with those neighbors who come to us for help.
Linda is a widowed mother of two teenagers whose hours at work were cut in half last December due to Covid. Her mortgage company offered a forbearance period which she gratefully applied for. Then she contracted Covid herself in March and was out of work for three weeks. Struggling to keep up with other bills, she felt overwhelmed when the mortgage forbearance period ended. While the mortgage company was willing to work with her, she didn’t have enough to cover her needs. We were able to help her get back on track with her mortgage payments while at the same time providing food from our pantry to help her save money on groceries to use for other bills. She said she was as grateful for the friendship and the caring attitude as she was for the financial relief.
St. Vincent de Paul was convinced that true help comes from the workings of the Spirit through us. He also said there is a lot of good will in the world; just not a lot of organization around it. With your help the volunteers in our organization are able to bring the Sprit of God to those we meet as well as to offer the material support they need at a critical time.

Hope is a powerful force that propels all of us through difficult times. We hope you will continue to support us.

Serving in hope,

Marty Smith, Executive Director
1715 Izard St. Omaha, NE 68102