Change Your Life in a Day

Could you really change your life in one day?  

We don’t mean just nibbling around the edges; we mean profound changes in your self-esteem, insight into your past, intentions regarding your goals and plans for how to achieve goals you are already working on.  

The answer is “yes.”

How is that possible?  How could you come away from a single day and legitimately say that you have changed significantly?  Doesn’t it take forever, working with a counselor or therapist?

It could.  But it doesn’t have to.

The Pain-2-Power 9-Hour Personal Prescription life coaching/consulting day can achieve what might, otherwise, take months.  That’s because Dr. Ablow focuses on you and only you for 9 hours in a single day, from morning to early evening, with breaks along the way.  It’s intense.  It’s not for everyone.  And it’s remarkably effective.

If you feel stuck . . . or lost . . . or if more success seems just a bit out of reach, this is your day to turn everything around.  If you know you could go much further in life, in your relationship or in your business—if only you had clarity and momentum—then the
Pain-2-Power 9-Hour Personal Prescription is for you.  

By tele-chat or in person . . . Take the leap into your full potential.  

Ready when you are. 


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