Hello ECO Family!
As we continue to strive towards building flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ in ECO, we have been working with Dr. Greg Wiens, an industry leading psychometrician, to create an instrument that helps congregations look at their health based on the six flourishing church measures, which can be found on our website here

Your participation is very important to us! We need hundreds of people to take this survey in order to determine which questions are valid and which are not valid in evaluating aspects of the six measures. The survey is anonymous and you won’t get any data back, but it would be extremely helpful for our research if you could take 20 minutes to answer the following 88 questions that relate to both your church and/or your own personal discipleship. Take the survey below.
By early fall we will have landed on which questions are valid and the instrument will be made available for you to utilize with your congregations. It will be a tremendously helpful tool for you as a leader to determine and clarify issues in your churches, such as: 
There are many ways to help determine whether or not a church is flourishing beyond simply looking at worship attendance. At best, COVID has helped churches see that physical and online attendance is just a portion of the picture, and at worst these worship numbers can be misleading. Therefore, the type of questions included in a statistically valid survey are immensely important in order for us to take a deeper look at the health of our congregations. 

We hope this tool will eventually guide churches to pinpoint areas that need development so that they can flourish and make a greater quantity and quality of disciples. In addition, it will help the ECO Synod to provide resources necessary to encourage you in your discipleship and invigorate your church in its flourishing journey! 
Thank you so much for your participation. We are grateful for your time and energy and most of all that God is using you to build His kingdom both in your community and throughout ECO! 

In Christ,