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Don't ditch what has been working

When we meet with new clients, many of our meetings deal with their current media mix. Many clients we meet tend to repeat the same programs year after year. If that strategy is working, then it doesn't make sense to make too many tweaks. However, each year brings new opportunities and trends with marketing.

When new technologies and trends start to become popular, many marketers jump onto them. But is that the wise thing to do? This marketer's playbook advises utilizing what you already know works best while adding in new technologies and trends that align with your brand.

It is much more difficult today to connect with consumers due to changing consumer habits and lower attention spans. This makes it more vital to know where your consumers are spending their time so you can focus targeting those platforms and channels.

Consumers today are paying more attention to short-form videos and e-commerce sites. Consumers are also starting to purchase products more on social media platforms. However, these trends don't mean your brand needs to partake in them. It should be important to still make data-driven decisions to best reach your consumers.

Marketing across a variety of channels can also be a great strategy to reach your consumers. Connected TV has been proven successful for brands to target their audiences with customizable ads. Podcasts are another way for brands to reach unique audiences who are more likely to listen to your ad. Virtual Reality is also becoming very popular with brands to help optimize customer experience.

When these new and shiny tools come into play, always remember what has already worked for your brand. Then, start to explore new tactics that align with your goals and customers' preferences.

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Are you following these guidelines?

By now, your brand has recently dipped its toe into Influencer Marketing. Or, maybe this is a strategy that you have been doing for a while.

The Federal Trade Commission has updated its guidelines regarding influencer marketing and online reviews. These guidelines are aimed at making sure brands are being honest to their consumers.

The FTC already noted in the past that they want brands and influencers to share their relationship with their consumers. A new addition to the guidelines is that any social media tag can count as an endorsement. The FTC also notes that any disclosures must be unavoidable on all platforms.

A relationship between a brand and an influencer can also go beyond payment, such as early product access, appearing in an ad, etc. Endorsements aimed at children needs to be handled very delicately with brands, and the FTC suggested that disclosures don't work for younger children.

The new guidelines also discussed online reviews. The FTC recommends brands do not edit any online reviews, as this is deceiving their consumers. Last year, the FTC actually prosecuted a brand for filtering out negative reviews on their website.

Please make sure to look over thoroughly these FTC guidelines the next time you partner with an influencer through your trusted firm or have online reviews.

Does spending rise or set with the sun?

Weather can impact our moods and impact how productive we are on a given day.

Many marketers know weather can affect their sales if they have products that are dependent on the season. But can the weather have effects on sales for the rest of us?

Evidence suggests weather does have an effect on consumer behavior. Studies have shown that exposure to increased sunlight boosts your serotine levels. Increased serotine levels also increases consumption, meaning consumers spend more on sunnier days.

However, does excessive heat like we have been getting have the same effect? Any discomfort impairs consumers' ability to think, so they could either pullback or spend impulsively. Research also suggests higher temperatures makes consumers spend less. Rain can also have an effect on consumers, especially when they are writing reviews. Consumers also tend to go with more social proof on products when in warmer temperatures.

So the next time you see a spike or decrease in sales, you may want to refer to your weather app.

Are your digital buys transparent?

The Association of National Advertisers recently came out with a report about the digital ad ecosystem. And, it's a bit shocking.

Shockingly, the report stated that $20 billion towards programmatic ad spend is going to waste.

Brands are lacking knowledge in the online advertising supply chain area, which is where money goes through online ad exchanges to the publishers. Many advertisers and publishers have been worried about the programmatic ad industry because they do not know how much money is being taken from ad tech intermediaries.

Brands are also spending about 15% of their ad spend towards clickbait websites that feature low-quality content and intrusive ads to maximize revenue for the site.

Despite the reputation made-for-advertiser sites have, they do deliver real impressions, but the quality of those impressions is questionable.

The morale of the story? Please make sure you have a trusted media firm working on your behalf.

Can you tell the difference between fake and real?

It's no surprise that fake news is always around us. But how many can actually tell the difference between fake and real? Only 48.2% of Americans are confident they could spot fake news on social media.

Many consumers have admitted they have fallen victim to fake news, a phony story, or have shared information that ended up being false. Interestingly consumers around the country have varying levels of confidence with 12.5% of people from Oregon being confident compared to 76% of consumers from New York.

Age is another factor with 69% of millennials saying they are confident, followed by 51.3% of Gen Z and 42.7% of Gen X. In another study, 47.46% of consumers believe they could tell the difference between a real and a fake video on social media.

Next time you are scrolling through social media, try to see how easy or hard it is for you to tell what is real and what is fake.


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Can freedom extend to your marketing?

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Get help from 'The Mouse'!

Whether you've been at your marketing position for 1 year or for 20 years, the pressure to produce and come up with the right strategies to reach your target audience is always there.

Did you hear that the average consumer today is exposed to 10,000 plus promotional messages a day?
Recently, Google put out a study that determined to even exist in a consumer’s mind, a brand needs to make
22 impressions a month digitally with that consumer. Therefore, you really need to make sure you have enough
frequency with your campaigns to get through the clutter in your target’s mind.
I am a 12 year former Disney executive who has discovered the secret sauce on how brands can cut through the clutter and reach their target. Like Disney, Marketing Keys cultivates, values, and encourages creativity, collaboration, and creativity from everyone. 

By teaming up with us, we make the process enjoyable.

During my years working for various media companies, it seemed that if a company was not represented by a firm or by a media planner/buyer, then that company was at a disadvantage. Marketing Keys was formed in July, 2007 to more than level the negotiation playing field between advertisers and media companies. We enabled advertisers to have a major leg up in the process.

By leveraging our media experience, our relationships along with cutting edge ideas, we have been able to help generate an incremental 30-35% more in leads and/or conversions for our clients through our programs.

We started Marketing Keys with a simple mission. Help Presidents, CEOs, Marketing Directors, CMOs, Regional Managers and others create the most well thought out, efficient and effective media campaigns.

We may not be perfect. But we will listen to you and always be committed to you. We strive to run our business with passion and humility all with the utmost integrity.

We look forward to empowering you to do your best work.

Until next month,

Roger Keys
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New Client!

We are thrilled to announce that EMPIST is the latest to join the Marketing Keys family!

EMPIST, a full-service technology company, provides technical and digital solutions for businesses. Your company can take the next step towards simplifying your IT solutions with EMPIST.

Marketing Keys will be helping EMPIST with their media strategies and placement.

You will be seeing their out of home campaign driving around Chicagoland.

Seen on the Streets!

If you've taken the train recently, you may have seen this Hooters digital ad!

Hooters is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year! The initial Hooters store opened in 1983 in beautiful Clearwater, Florida. Ten years later, Hooters opened up their Wells Street Chicago location, which was the first Chicagoland location.

Hooters now has 11 Chicagoland locations! The Orland Park location is consistently in the Top 3 across the country for revenue.

Come to your local Hooters this summer and help them celebrate!

Wheels in Motion

What happens when you search for “wheels” in the Newberry Library’s catalogs? The new exhibition, Wheels, is now open!

What is seen in the exhibition barely scratches the surface of what can be found at the Newberry. Set your “wheels in motion” and discover the surprising depth and breadth of the Newberry’s collections through the functional, uncomplicated, and expressive wheel.

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Are you Socially Challenged?

During my 15 years as a business owner, I have discovered there are many companies out there that are challenged with the task of managing their social media.

It may be that they are confused over the platforms that they should use, the content they should post, how to boost that content and/or the time or lack thereof that goes into managing their social media platforms. 
If that is you, we have Gen Z help on the way!
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Fill up your lead funnel!

In the days of Mad Men, creativity was everything. The goal was for a brand to be the most creative creating a tag line to resonate with the audience. Now, creativity takes a back seat to targeting through data and reaching your target synergistically through multiple mediums with an integrated marketing campaign.

Find out how Marketing Keys can help generate (on average) an incremental 30-35% more in leads and/or conversions through our system.

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