July 2019
Debunking Common Myths About Historic Preservation
It's too expensive... I can’t change the doorknobs... Get the facts here.
Owners often think that razing the old property and building a new structure is the easiest, most economical and best way to get what they want. But is that always true? Owners, public entities and developers may shy away from preserving, restoring, or rehabilitating old or historic properties because of persistent myths. We break down some of the most common myths here, so you have the facts.
Student Engagement with Envision Kermit
Planning Process Inspired by the Next Generation
The future of our communities is in the hands of the next generation. RDG's planning team visited Kermit, TX to involve young minds in the Envision Kermit Comprehensive Plan. Student ideas on sidewalks, lighting and active spaces were presented to the steering committee while planning continues on elements involving housing, community pride, transportation, parks, downtown and public facilities.
Active Transportation in the Wichita Area
RDG Finishes Bike and Pedestrian Plans in Wichita Area
Our planners recently completed three bike and pedestrian plans for the cities of Garden Plain , Goddard , and Park City , Kansas. These growing communities in the Wichita area are looking for ways to improve the quality of life and increase connections to destinations in the metro area. Working with community members, we helped create plans identifying priority routes and detailing implementation strategies.
RDG Welcomes Molly Hanson
Molly Hanson is bringing her talents and skills as a naturalist, facilitator and water resources expert to RDG's planning and design team! Molly has a passion for bringing people together around conservation, community and protecting Iowa's natural resources. Learn more about our new hire.

Garst Farmhouse and Harbach Lofts Win Preservation Award
We are honored to receive 2019 Preservation at Its Best Awards from Preservation Iowa for two of our Restoration projects: the Historic Garst Farmhouse in Coon Rapids, Iowa and Harbach Lofts in Des Moines. Read more here!

Historic Poor Farm Barn Restoration Project Will Tell a New Story
Johnson County Historic Poor Farm ’s West Barn restoration is going strong. This historic barn will be transformed into a multi-use event space, with help from RDG architect Dan Rice. Read more here!
August 27 29, 2019
Dubuque, Iowa

September 25 27, 2019
Dubuque, Iowa
Look for RDG's Booth #50!

September 27, 2019
Pella, Iowa

October 9 11, 2019
Iowa City, Iowa
Look for RDG's Laura Kessel, presenting: “Beyond Mixed Use: Planning a New Neighborhood to Address Contemporary Needs” along with Hubbell Realty Company and the City of Des Moines

October 12 14, 2019
Overland Park, Kansas

October 23 25, 2019
Green Bay, Wisconsin
“Quality of life actually begins at home – it’s in your street, around your community.” – Charles Kennedy
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