Wednesday February 26, 2020


Hi there, I have a problem with a jumper. After his jump he just goes absolutely mad, bucks, rears and just freaks out. Now I'm an experienced trainer and unfortunately I can not find the solution. He has been checked by the veterinarian and all is good. Please, I will appreciate the help. Just to let you know, I do train using [the language] Equus.
~ Josh S.


Dear Josh,
Thank you for your question. I am pleased to hear that apparently you have been using my techniques with your horses.
This is a problem that I see globally horses tend to express energy after effort jumping tends to bring this out more than most activities, the best results I have had have come through an effort to calm this moment, in time, by doing a lot of low level training. By that I mean trotting and cantering over polls on the ground, or poles set at two feet make it easy for the horse. 

When you begin to address this issue, please go through and study a good amount of lessons on causing the horse to learn to stand still. I believe you will find several lessons on the art of causing a horse to stand still on my  Online University  The main effort is to allow the horse to make a mistake and move, but only two or three steps and then back up with a firm request from the Dually Halter. This will be effective for you when your on the ground simply teaching the horse to stand still.

When you are in the saddle, learn to keep your hands down and relax. Expect your horse to stand still, do not demand for him to stand still. Let him move two or three steps then make him back up to the original position. Please let me know if this has been helpful to you, as I have had tremendous success with horses that have this remedial behavior.

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From Kathy W., Verified Buyer
The Dually Halter works so well! What a great idea! Thanks Monty!

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~ Monty 

Looking for ideas on how to help a horse that is on stall rest and can only be hand walked post surgery. He gets so, quite understandably, full of energy that he gets explosive, which makes going for a quiet hand walk challenging to say the least and I don't want him to injure himself or me! How can I help him calm is mind and body?

Thank you for all that you do!
Jennifer Taylor and Moe :)

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