Canada Day
Let's Celebrate Canada
Canada Day

I remember Jason’s first tour to Bosnia. He was a young man of 18. Shared many of his experiences with us but one I remember very well is this; on the return flight home, when the plane crossed into Canadian airspace a ‘roar’ went up from the plane as everyone was so excited to be back on home soil.

I sometimes take for granted all the privileges I have as a Canadian.

Take a minute, celebrate Canada and stay safe.
Penny Watt
Director, Business Development
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CFP ® Section
Child Care Expenses Deductions - How Much Do They Help?
The Income Tax Act permits the deduction of child care expenses under certain circumstances. A quick summary of those rules:
  • Only the lower earner in the household can deduct the expenses. For a separated couple, the same rule applies receiving child support can deduct the expenses.
  • There are some exceptions, where the higher earner can claim the expenses:
  • If the lower earner has a disability that renders that person incapable of providing child care
  • If the lower earner is attending post-secondary education
  • If the lower earner is incarcerated
  • The amount that can be deducted depends on the age and situation for the kids:
  • $8,000 per year for a child age 6 or under
  • $5,000 per year for a child age 7 to 16
  • $11,000 per year for any child who qualifies for the disability tax credit (DTC)
  • $5,000 per year for a child older than 16 who has a disability but does not qualify for the DTC
  • All to a limit of 2/3 of the claimant’s earned income (basically, active employment or self-employment type income)

Jason Watt, CD, CLU ®
Instructor & CEO
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