Vol 7, Issue 2, July 15, 2021
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In this week's edition: Tomorrow's Trades; Canadian Economy added over 200,000 jobs in June; Canada's low-paid essential workers deserve a better deal; Hamilton Labour Force Information May 2021
Tomorrow's Trades
Tomorrow’s Trades is a workforce development pilot program associated with the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario.

Tomorrow’s Trades’ focus is to recruit and prepare candidates that are traditionally underrepresented in the skilled trades, such as women, Indigenous youth, Black youth, persons with disabilities, newcomers, youth at-risk, returning veterans, reservists, cadets,
and those from racialized communities for application to apprenticeships and careers in the skilled trades.

Program Highlights:
  • Construction Health and Safety Training & Certificate
  • Access to a full-time construction liaison from the skilled trades as a coach and mentor
  • Construction Essential Skill Development
  • Introduction to skilled trades training centers, project sites and classrooms
  • Academic preparedness lessons
  • Addtional support where required

Canadian Economy Added 230,700 Jobs in June as COVID-19 Restrictions Eased

Statistics Canada has released new numbers showing the Canadian economy added 230,700 jobs in June as restrictions were began to lift and allowing many sectors to reopen.

The gain came as the number of part-time positions rose 263,900, bringing it basically back to pre-pandemic levels, while the number of full-time jobs fell 33,200.

According to StatsCan, the part-time gains were driven by jumps in jobs in the hard-hit retail and food services sectors and reflects one of the hardest hit brackets reentering the workforce: youth.

The 101,000 jobs increase in the accommodation and food services sector was the largest increase since last July, with Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia accounting for most of the increase, while Ontario grew slower on account of restrictions on indoor dining. Ontario August numbers should reflect more growth as we enter phase three of reopening allowing indoor dining to be resumed.

Canada's Low-Paid Essential Workers Deserve a Better Deal
Canadian Labour leads say that the pandemic exposed how lower paid workers in often essential roles are some of the occupations we rely most heavily on, yet these workers often turn out to be the most vulnerable.

Labour advocates say essential workers — from warehouse workers, to grocery store employees to caregivers in long-term care homes — have borne the That's going to mean reforming provincial and territorial labour codes to address the problem of a mostly racialized work force that's paid too little, has poor job security and doesn't usually have paid sick leave, as well as holding big corporations to account, they say.

Hamilton Labour Force Information: MAY 2021

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