{First Name},

When I served in the Canadian Forces for 20 years, every day I gave 100%.

All of our brave men and women give 100% every day in service to our country. Not only do our soldiers protect us, they are seen throughout the world as a force for good.

Yet we only budget 1% of our GDP for our military: 1% to equip them, to feed and clothe them, and to protect them.

Our soldiers give 100%. We can do better than 1%.

But Liberals have different priorities: they want to increase funding to abortion overseas. 

The best support Canada has to offer the world is our military – our soldiers protect the innocent, safeguard the helpless, and contribute to world peace and security.

We need to rethink our priorities.

I will cancel any program Liberals introduce that prioritizes abortion funding overseas and use that money to better equip our military.

Not only that, you won’t see me spending millions to renovate Ministers’ offices. 

I will double defence spending to 2% of GDP to meet our NATO commitments. This will be done in a fiscally responsible manner and over time to ensure a balanced budget. 

Our military deserves better than 1%. 

Help me support our military by pitching in to support my campaign today! 

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Pierre Lemieux