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Consulting engineering firms make important contributions to the quality of life of Canadians and people around the world. The impact and benefits to society of the work conducted by consulting engineering firms is long-lasting and often immeasurable.

The Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards, co-sponsored by ACEC-Canada and Canadian Consulting Engineer celebrates these contributions. The industry's highest honours, the CCE Awards are presented to projects that exemplify excellence in projects by Canadian consulting engineering firms.

Join us in the nation's capital as we recognize excellence in our industry and celebrate the contribution consulting engineering makes to society in Canada and around the world!

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Infrastructure Investments Must be

Flexible and Strategic

ACEC recommendations reflected in House of Commons report

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities has released a report on targeted infrastructure investments to influence social, economic and environmental outcomes. The Committee's report, released in late June, outlines 18 recommendations, many of which align with testimony and recommendations by ACEC's President and CEO John Gamble.


While ACEC agrees that it is appropriate, and in some cases necessary, to target infrastructure investments to advance broader public policy, there is also a need for more agile and flexible programs that allow communities to address their infrastructure requirements. Such targeted and prescriptive programs and flexible programs can, and need to, exist side-by-side.


ACEC's presentation emphasized the need to continue efforts to undertake an evidence-based national infrastructure assessment on which to base all infrastructure investment decisions. This would greatly assist with the development of both targeted and flexible programs to help communities meet unique needs and achieve diverse goals.


ACEC strongly recommended that in addition to traditional project-specific, application-based funding opportunities, Infrastructure Canada should allow for communities to apply for funding of multi-year, multi-project programs based upon asset management planning principles. Noting that a community’s infrastructure is essentially an interconnected ecosystem of infrastructure assets, program-based funding would support strategic planning and decision-making and offer the most value to communities and the best return to the taxpayer.

Read the House of Common's full report here
Read the House of Common's full report here

FNMPC launches Indigenous community owned professional consulting practice 

ACEC-Canada congratulates the First Nations Major Projects Coalition (FNMPC) on the launch of the FNMPC Advisory Centre (“Advisory Centre”), an Indigenous, client-focused consulting practice. The Advisory Centre is wholly owned by the members of the First Nations Major Projects Coalition, a not-for-profit society. 100% of the profits generated by the Advisory Centre will support the not-for-profit services and programs provided by FNMPC, which are accessed by First Nations at no cost. ACEC-Canada believes this venture will further assist First Nation communities in partnering in major infrastructure and resource projects. 


“The FNMPC Advisory Centre is an Indigenous community owned business providing strategic advisory services on matters such as the inclusion of Indigenous interests in ESG frameworks, the building of business strategies that are inclusive of Indigenous participation, and the provision of advice leading to clear pathways to economic reconciliation” says Niilo Edwards, CEO of the FNMPC Advisory Centre. 


“With decades of experience working with Indigenous communities, projects proponents, investors, and governments, the FNMPC Advisory Centre has the full breadth of expertise necessary to assist top-level public and private sector clients who are seeking to build constructive partnerships with Indigenous communities,” adds Mark Podlasly, Senior Vice President Business Development and Head of ESG Advisory. 

Learn more about the FNMPC Advisory Centre

Cyber liability exposures: How to protect yourself and your business from a cyberattack

Victor’s guide, Cyber liability exposures: How to protect you and your business, shows the cyber liability exposure of each operational element of running a business, including using email, processing funds electronically and storing personal information. It makes it clear why you should consider having cyber liability coverage in place.


For each cyber liability exposure outlined in the document, we also share example scenarios and tips. #TheThreatIsReal  

Read the guide

BST Global Expert Shares AI Capabilities

With AEC Leaders 

Nearly 100 AEC professionals joined BST Global’s innovation webinar, “How AI + Big Data Will Transform the AEC Industry,” on June 28, 2022. Led by BST Global Director of AI & Analytics Hank Tran, the session examined the unique opportunity AEC firms have to leverage artificial intelligence and big data to foster the data-driven consultancy of the future, which is built on project intelligence™ and powered by predictive analytics. To read more about the webinar or to view a video recap of the event, visit the BST Global blog.  

Watch the recap

90-Day Professional Digital Signature Promotion

For a limited time, from June 01 to August 31, 2022, Notarius is offering engineering association members $100 off the sign-up fee for a professional digital signature. Thousands of professional engineers across Canada are using a digital signature to ensure the reliability of electronic documents and improve the efficiency of their workflow.

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