Dear Friend,

I am emailing you with exciting news! CANAL STREET opens Friday, January 18 and there's a chance to partner with this truly powerful and inspiring film.

Christian faith is highlighted in this thought-provoking story of redemption – and you will walk away feeling uplifted by the power of forgiveness, reminded that with the strength of faith, light can shine out of the darkness. We are committed to using this film as a tool to reach the church globally. As people of faith, the creators of CANAL STREET believe in the power of this film to make a positive difference in people's lives.

“We invite you to join a community of believers that choose to live life with an uncompromising devotion to making a difference. Our team is a very diverse and colorful band of trail blazers and trend-setters. We aren't following a map, but rather creating a destination. As messengers of hope, we boldly infiltrate the fabric of culture, commerce, and nations. In a world where the climate seems to be fueled by hate or anger, when you watch CANAL STREET we pray that it becomes a visual tour guide that launches you on an in-depth emotional and spiritual journey. May this story convict and inspire you to take every action necessary to make the world a better place.”

- Kevin Mullens, Executive Producer


- Demand CANAL STREET at a theater near you by clicking https://canalstreetmovie.com/demand

- We are looking for church partners to stand up and support this film by buying a screening of CANAL STREET on opening weekend (Friday, January 18, 2019). The package promotion for a screening is 250 tickets. Churches can use movie theaters to host the events. We can also offer a smaller or greater number of tickets depending on church size and needs.

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