Dr. Stephen Phinney
Are you tired of the “Cancel Culture” bit yet? The best way to cancel conservative thought is to wither the minds of those who fight to maintain such views.
Fact. Psychologically speaking, the only way to park the mind in neutral is to overload it with information. The human mind can only process so much information at one time. If overloaded, generalized anxiety disorders settle in – activating a twisted form of Cultural PTSD. C-PTSD triggers mental proxemics (non-replies), fatigue, and stress. All are requiring the mind to shut out the world around the victim temporarily. If for some reason, the mind does not choose to shut down or is forced to go forward, a new culture must be formed to match the dysfunction. Yes. I am proposing a new label for our cultural disease - C-PTSD.
Here are a few symptoms associated with information overload.
  • difficulty focusing due to competing sensory input
  • memory deprivation
  • extreme irritability
  • restlessness and discomfort
  • difficulty in responding to normal logic-based conversations
  • urge to cover your ears or shield your eyes from sensory input
  •  feeling overly excited or “wound up”
  • stress, fear, or anxiety about your surroundings
  • night anxiety – disturbing dreams
  • higher levels of temptations to be violent
One of the more common questions people have today is, Why all the violence? Most violent acts are instigated by a self-perception or fear of being suppressed without choice. Simultaneously, while some get stuck in C-PTSD, the lion’s share surface as violent protesters. A modality that is not only in physical violence but in hate speech. The results? The generalized public refrains from engagement, which advances the violent citizens as a dominant culture. Thus, a violent society is birthed. 
Can you imagine this diagnosis shifting from individuals to culture?
Today, I interviewed a young Millennial pastor. My objective was to discover real-time information on the Gen-Z’ers he disciples/pastors. One of the questions I asked was, “What is the mental condition of those you serve within Generation Z?" His answer? Most are working to cancel ‘Cancel Culture’ by ignoring all forms of news. Now they are completely uninformed of the real issues affecting their future. They are mentally disengaging. While this is up for debate for some GenZ’ers, I think he is right for the most part.
Another question I asked, which was foremost in my mind, “What percentage of Gen-Z has a basic understanding of eschatology?” He said They don’t. I have not had one person who can offer a Biblical definition. I don’t believe this generation is prepared, nor do they care, about the end-times. They care more about Social Justice. Me: “What is their viewpoint regarding the Church?” Pastor: It is a place to gather socially. Period. The more informed GenZ group - are filled with hate for conservative members. Me: “How does this affect their desire to learn more about authentic Christianity?" Pastor: (Laughing) My experience is, they could care less. Overall, they are tired of all the “bad news” propagated by the church and the culture they live. Most are shutting-down. 
Cancel ‘Cancel Culture’ is a misnomer.
What is even more erroneous is the belief that one can cancel a culture through withdrawal or lack of communication. Silence always produces movement. That’s right! The movement is typical with the group(s) who have a passion for indoctrination. Communicators who understand the dynamics of parking the human mind in neutral also understand it is a perfect time to shift cultural thought. The method is simple. Wait for the majority to park their minds, then populate the masses with new doctrines – in politics, religion, and culture. Who wins in the end? It certainly isn’t the fear-based C-PTSD victims, but rather the aggressive responders. Let’s face the facts. Most people are clueless about how to front a violent person. Most slip into the dark cave of isolation and separation. Thus, the state of our society. Anyone who has studied the techniques of our greatest enemy, Satan, knows this is his primary method to neutralize the masses. He is impotent otherwise. Outside of the Trinity of God, Satan is in the lead in understanding how the human mind functions. 
The human brain functions like a complicated computer system. Our sensory system relays external influences from the environment. Our brains interpret the data and tell us to take action either by shutting down or by aggressively reacting to the new information. When there is competing sensory information (more information than the brain can file), the person feels “stuck.” Since the brain does not do well with sensory overload, the brain can no longer prioritize healthy logical sequences, discussions, or reactions. In other words, the natural system of logic becomes flawed. This leaves the person with a sense of “feeling lost” in generalized discussions – so they go silent.
During my psychology studies, I was taught the importance of parking the mind to renew thoughts or adopt new thoughts and behaviors without the client realizing this modality. I hope you got that. For the human mind to intuitively adopt new ideologies and methodologies, the mind must first park itself in neutral. As soon as the therapist has accomplished this neutral state, he/she can introduce a new set of beliefs. In fact, in most cases, it doesn’t matter how radical the beliefs are – most will adopt the new ideologies, lies or not.
Ironically, most well-educated pastors were taught this madness method for their sermon preparations.

  • Capture the audience attention through stories (soften the mind)
  • Overload them with shocking information (tighten the mind)
  • Integrate humor into the shock points (relax the mind)
  • Deliver your doctrinal points (feed the mind)
  • Tell more stories that relate to the shock points (proof)
  • Leave the audience with your bottom line (cementing the mind)
This is nothing short of “mind control.” While it is ostentatious for pastors to use this unobtrusive method, it is the real method most of our communicators deliberate. As the Proximics syndrome began to be out of control in our culture, I noticed this same madness method dominating the internet craze.

  • Capture the reader with a seductive title line
  • Overload them with “bad news”
  • Write the article seasoned with humor or true-to-life stories
  • Deliver your bias
  • Close the article with proof text that sustains the “bad news”
  • Leave the reader with a bottom-line statement that cements the author’s beliefs
It would be fine if this were an occasional occurrence, but if the method is compulsively repetitive, the human mind quickly adopts the bottom-line while ignoring the facts. As most communicators know, the bottom-line is what changes culture. This brings us back to the “seductive title” line. They are one and the same. 
Since we live in a culture that demands all minds to shift into neutral, it would behoove us to exam the replacement ideologies. Each birthed through Progressivism.
Nobody likes being left behind. A common psychological fear suffered by humanity. Even though Progressivism is not progressive, a diverse array of reformers—politicians, pastors, journalists, academics, social workers, and other activists—worked tirelessly to form new thought under the banner of a common global objective to strengthen localized and international governance. Making it the primary foundation for a more responsive, popular economic, social, religious, and political reform. Many progressives viewed themselves as a Robin Hood of sorts – taking from the rich and giving it to the poor. Progressivism is the platform for their objective. Here are the top replacement ideologies – particularly those that affect the church.
  • Socialism vs. Capitalism
  • State-managed churches via the 501c & c3 license
  • Denying religious institutions government license who use hate speech (Equality Act)
  • Government dependent educational institutions – cancel non-licensed institutions
  • Cancel all independent self-employed workers (freelancers)
  • Shifting donor dollars to tax dollars
  • Cancel all religious institutions not subject to taxation
  • Silencing the voices who refute mainstream socialistic speech
  • Mitigating income inequality – mandating the rich to feed the poor
  • Save the planet (population control) – kill the children & elderly (euthanasia)
  • Exchange speech – swap “end-times” verbiage for environmental justice
  • Mandating corporate equal rights employment – including religious institutions
  • Matriculating churches into social justice reform – Christianized Social Justice
  • Cancel absolute Truth through dependence on government vs. the Bible
  • Propagate “feelings” over facts – advancing re-interpretation over traditional beliefs
  • Historical revisionism – erase the past to form a future
  • Cancel harsh terminologies – such as sin, damnation, and the need to repent
Honestly, if you haven’t observed these idolatry ideologies overpowering the average Christian mind & their institutions, you might have your head in the sand. Today’s church seems to be shifting into a Progressive make-over of the original Gospel of Jesus Christ – who used words like going to Hell, sinners, condemnation, damnation, and other harsh words to gain the attention for His Gospel. Basically forming a non-confronting Gospel. If we removed all the confronting words and passages from the Holy Bible, we don’t have a Grace movement but rather a gracialistic culture. A culture that irresponsibly cultivates a demonic form of grace & love.
Reader, love doesn’t save anyone from going to Hell. Authentic salvation can only be embraced when the convert realizes they are destined to the harsh warnings Jesus gave throughout His walk on this earth. The key becomes using the love of God to lead them to the harsh realities of remaining non-indwelt (unsaved). That is, of course, each will indeed suffer the harsh reality of damnation. Once the convert has His Life, each becomes the representative of God’s love. Unless one receives Grace/Love as a person, the doom and gloom of refuting are certain to lead the lost to the pit of Hell. Now – was that too harsh for you? If so, you too might be bathing in the sea of Progressive love.
When the Gospel message shifts from sin and redemption in Christ to salvation through Social Justice by replicating the deeds OF Christ, the sting of death eludes a culture. Folks, this is revisionism of Paul’s message – for we are not saved by works but only through Christ Jesus.     
Many youth and adults today are working desperately to cancel ‘Cancel Culture.’ OK, I get it. They are tired of all the noise. But…slipping into C-PTSD is not the answer. Forcing the mind into neutral only sets off a chain of actions for those who use stress to dominate. Those who know me well know that I use stress to advance the mission of Jesus Christ. The higher the stress level, the higher I reach for resting in Christ, trusting in God’s sovereignty, and getting back to what matters the most – teaching those who have ears to hear.

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