Members of the Presbytery of Santa Fe,

The Coordinating Team (CT) met on May 13 and after reviewing the possible docket for the June 19 meeting determined that there was not enough business to have a meeting. The docket was unusually light, even for a summer meeting. With many churches in the process of re-opening, and the fact that we would again be meeting via Zoom, the CT voted to suspend the standing rules and not have a June meeting. This is not meant to be a precedent going forward, but merely a response to a docket with no time sensitive business and a recognition of the limitations of Zoom for education and fellowship, two of the things that have become valued hallmarks of the summer meeting.

If the way be clear, the Presbytery collaborative worship on June 20 will be the worship we had planned, including a guest preacher from the PC(USA) Compassion, and Justice Ministries.

Looking toward our October meeting at Ghost Ranch, the CT has a task force, looking at the possibility/logistics for an in-person meeting at Ghost Ranch.

This is a time of transition and change almost daily and that affects the life of our congregations and us as a presbytery. Know that the CT and I hold each of our churches in our prayers.

Grace and peace,
Kathy Westmoreland, Moderator