Bite-Size Blog #3

To illustrate the crucial importance of our food choices in less than one minute, consider the fact that they are the leading drivers of three HUGE problems in this world.

BSB #3 -- Cancer, Climate Change & World Hunger

That is the title of Chapter #27 in our new book and the first paragraph begins thusly:

"We lumped these three monster problems together because they are widely recognized as the three most serious issues facing humanity--and they all share a common cause and cure. Cancer is the most-feared of all diseases, climate change exacerbates all of the other environmental issues and world hunger is an ever worsening problem--a stark reminder of the staggering inadequacy of our global feeding model."

As the title of my first book, "Healthy Eating, Healthy World," implies; never has there been a greater win-win for our health and our future than there is with regards to our food choices in the 21st century.

All we have to do is eat more whole plants: for our health, for our ecosystem and for our future as a species.

To read at your leisure, Chapter 27 in its entirety

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