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All online classes and support groups are FREE for patients, survivors, and caregivers.
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Here is a selection of featured programs scheduled this term:
Comforting Yourself in Stressful Times Feb 20, 10:00 - 11:00 am
PTSD &Cancer Mar 4, 10:00 - 11:00 am
The Importance of Self Compassion Apr 8, 6:30 - 7:30 pm
Cancer in the Time of COVID:
We are All Grieving Right Now
Many of us are trying to deal with the deep and gut-wrenching grief that accompanies the death of friends and family members as a result of the COVID-19 virus, cancer, or any number of other illnesses. The feelings of emptiness and sadness that settle into our hearts can feel unbearable at times.
Other, less obvious losses are also taking a toll on us. We have spent a year dealing with isolation, loneliness, and uncertainty. We are grieving the loss of our pre-pandemic lifestyles. We are longing for people, routine, and life as it once was. While there is hope on the horizon, uncertainty continues in the months ahead. These are unprecedented times and whether it has occurred to us or not, make no mistake, we are grieving.
There are a lot of myths about grief and the grieving process. The most common is that the experience follows a set pattern of stages and that we move sequentially from stage to stage and eventually reach a place of acceptance of our loss or losses. Unfortunately, grief is often not that clean and predictable but rather a messy up and down, back and forth wild ride of emotions… Sadness, anger, guilt, and fear are just some of the feelings that we experience and sometimes they can rise up when we least expect them. Read more.

In this regular blog post about Cancer in the time of COVID with Mary Ellen Shands, RN, we dive a little deeper into some of those reactions we may be experiencing and discuss strategies to help deal with them.

Collage by Suzanne Baiie, "I think about my heart"
Hospital Partner Spotlight:
UW Medicine - Valley Medical Center
Kirsten Warmington, Manager Oncology Outreach & Prevention shares why our programs are important to the local community Valley Medical Center serves.

"Cancer Lifeline is a tremendous resource to our community. Their support groups bring people together and provide a safe forum for exchanging perspectives, sharing concerns, and gaining confidence to face the future. Cancer Lifeline is a true partner in supporting Valley’s mission of caring for our community like family." Read More
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Cancer Lifeline’s Support Groups connects and supports patients, caregivers, family members and friends. Curious about the benefits of attending an ongoing support group?

* Members have a place where emotions can be expressed and not judged
* Members gain a sense of community & inclusion with others in a similar situation
* Members find ways in which choice & control can be attained while living with cancer
* Members are provided with opportunities for education and information.

Here are just a few of the more than two dozen support groups that meet online monthly:

"I see my cancer experience as a journey through strange, dangerous, and unfamiliar territory. Cancer Lifeline provides me with a strong rope – a lifeline in the most needed places on my journey."
        - Cancer Lifeline Client
Catching up with Susan Baumgaertel, MD
When did you first get involved with Cancer Lifeline?
I was first involved in 2005 as part of the CL Medical Advisory Board, and since then have been a part of CL in various ways, initially through my connections to past ED Barbara Frederick and many other long-term supporters, as a frequent donor, and now in the role of Board Director since March of 2018. 

How does Cancer Lifeline’s program make a difference for cancer patients and their families? As a physician, I’m acutely aware that everyone's journey related to cancer is unique, yet there are many similar needs that arise along the way for patients, caregivers, family, and friends alike. CL has such a nice array of services to meet different needs at different times - be it at the front end of cancer treatment and needing coping skills and lifeline services, or in a remission phase with garnering of new exercise and nutrition habits, to long-term support and kindness available to all free of charge. 
As the past chair of Cancer Lifeline’s annual signature fundraiser Breakfast with Friends, can you tell us why this event so important? Where do I start? This event allows CL to do what it does - support all who are affected by cancer! Breakfast with Friends was traditionally an event to come together and celebrate with friends and enjoy the “big day” to donate and socialize in a positive spirit of community and togetherness. As we faced the 2020 pandemic challenges, it turned out that going online was even more of an opportunity to include those who otherwise couldn’t attend but who still wanted to contribute. My sadness at not being able to hug and cheer others on turned to gratitude at how so many more pitched in and made our fundraiser so incredibly successful. We have all had to learn different ways to connect with others, and this event was no different. Now we are gearing up for our 2021 event and I am just as excited. I know that we will continue to gain new support and that our featured “keynote” speaker, Bonnie MacGregor Ph.D. will be perfectly poised to bring a holistic touch to all that CL aspires to offer. Our entire CL team is ready and waiting to usher in our BWF Fundraiser with flourish and style - now is the time for everyone to step up and contribute and know that this amazing organization is grateful beyond words. I thank you so very much.
Join us Online for Breakfast with Friends
Celebrating Cancer Lifeline's role in supporting the local cancer community since 1973, Breakfast with Friends raises funds for our Patient & Family Support Fund, thus assuring that ALL of our programs remain free and accessible to people living with cancer. We hope you will join us online from March 17 through April 14.
Our Sponsors Make It Possible

We want to thank our generous sponsors who stood by us as we took our fundraisers online in 2020. Thank you for helping us optimize the lives of people living with cancer.
Cancer Lifeline's relationship with the University of Washington goes back to 1973 when members of the UW faculty sat down with our founder Gloria Gutkowski to talk about the lack of emotional support programs for cancer patients and what might be done about it. Cancer Lifeline salutes UW Medicine for their ongoing support of our events and welcomes them back for 2021.

With the support of current board president, Ben Hicks, Cancer Lifeline welcomes new sponsor Soundmark Wealth Management in 2021.
Swedish Cancer Institute has been a steady sponsor of Cancer Lifeline's events for several years. Cancer Lifeline has worked alongside Swedish to help advance the field of emotional support for people living with cancer. Our thanks for their continued sponsorship.
A longtime sponsor of our Breakfast, The Commerce Bank of Washington has been supporting Cancer Lifeline since 1995. Several bank staff members have served on our board, including Steven Gerlock, Cancer Lifeline board member, and Susan Finneran, who now sits on our Advisory Board. We are grateful for the Bank's ongoing partnership.

Reaching as far back as 2006, Cornerstone Advisors (now Pathstone) has been a steadfast sponsor of Cancer Lifeline's events, most recently as a sponsor of Resources for Hope 2020 Online.
For the third year in a row, Jennifer Evans and her Farmers Insurance agency have sponsored our annual Fall Fundraiser, Resources for Hope. We are grateful for Jen's support.

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance brings together the leading research teams and cancer specialists of Fred Hutch, Seattle Children's, and UW Medicine. We are grateful for their support of our programs and for our current SCCA board members Tiffany Courtnage, Andy Peet, and Cathy Taketa.
We began our formal hospital partnership with Overlake Medical Center in September of 2017, but our relationship reaches back to 2004 when Cancer Lifeline had office space in Bellevue. We are grateful for Overlake's ongoing support of our events.
Over 15 years ago, Cancer Lifeline was invited to host a support group at EvergreenHealth. That was just the beginning of our strong partnership. Cancer Lifeline thanks Evergreen for their continued support.

Lilly has been a long-time sponsor of Cancer Lifeline's Breakfast with Friends, starting back when it was still a Luncheon. We are grateful for their steadfast support of our fundraising events over the years and look forward to many more.
Dedicated to promoting the economic benefits of life science business and research for Washington state's economy and patients around the world, We Work For Health seeks to educate our elected leaders, the news media, and the communities they serve about these key contributions. Cancer Lifeline welcomed We Work for Health Washington as a new sponsor for our 2020 Resources for Hope online fundraiser.
We are grateful for the Alhadeff Foundation joining us again in 2020 as a sponsor of our annual Resources for Hope fundraiser.
One of Cancer lifeline's newest hospital partners, Virginia Mason Cancer Institute has locations in both downtown Seattle and Federal Way. Cancer Lifeline is grateful for Virginia Mason's sponsorship of our events.
We have counted on ROI Technology Inc. to keep us safe, secure and active on the internet since 2015. Cancer Lifeline salutes ROI Technology for their ongoing support of our events in 2020.