Optimizing the quality of life for all people  living with cancer.
Cancer Lifeline Support Groups & Classes
Now Online through August

Here is a selection of featured programs for the next several weeks.

Chair Yoga at Highline  - July 22, 12-1 pm

Feel More Like You: Beauty Support for Cancer   - July 30, 11 am-12:30 pm

Tools for Managing Grief & Loss  - Aug. 12,12:30-1:30 pm

Understanding Medicare  - Aug. 11, 6:30-7:30 pm

Glorious Greens  - July 21,11 am-1 pm

Instructions on how to access online programs are provided on each class and support group page on our website .

Please continue to visit our website for updates about Cancer Lifeline programs and services and other offerings we have moved to an online format. Feel free to share the information.
Hospital Partner Spotlight:
Halvorson Cancer Center at EvergreenHealth
A Conversation with Susan Smiley

Cancer Lifeline salutes Halvorson Cancer Center - EvergreenHealth, our longtime Eastside hospital partner. Sue Smiley is a member of the Evergreen staff and has been Cancer Lifeline's champion for many years. We are grateful for Sue's tireless efforts and innovations as CL's programs have evolved.

How long have you been with Evergreen and what is your title?  I have been at EvergreenHealth just shy of 30 years. My title is Radiation Oncology Manager. In that role, I’m privileged to serve on many committees focused on delivering cancer supportive care services to our community. The Cancer Lifeline partnership with EvergreenHealth has been part of my responsibilities for over 15 years. 

How important is Cancer Lifeline to the local cancer community?   Research and experience show that people living with cancer benefit from supportive programs that address the emotional and physical challenges of cancer. Cancer Lifeline's programs are evidence-based and provide a comprehensive set of supportive services for individuals and families living with cancer.   EvergreenHealth’s purpose is “working together to enrich the health and well-being of every life we touch." Working together brings cancer supportive care close to home.

When did you first start coordinating with Cancer Lifeline and our programs? How have things grown over time?   It all began around 2004, when I met with then Executive Director, Barbara Frederick, to talk about the possibilities of bringing Cancer Lifeline services to the Eastside Community.  Within a short few months, Cancer Lifeline opened an Eastside facility in the Eastgate area of Bellevue, offering a few support groups and classes.   In 2007, we began a new chapter with moving the program to the campus of EvergreenHealth.  Working together, we were able to expand programming to meet the needs of patients living on the Eastside.  In 2012, EvergreenHealth’s cancer center moved into new spaces and in a new partnership with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. The new facility provided dedicated space for Cancer Lifeline classes and support groups, which included adding Gentle Yoga and Cooking demonstrations.  

Read the full interview here .
Get Connected - Find the Support Group You Need
Cancer Lifeline’s Support Groups work to meet the following needs of patients, survivors, caregivers, family members and friends:
* Participants have a place where emotions can be expressed and not judged
* Participants gain a sense of community and inclusion with others in a similar situation
* Participants find ways in which choice and control can be attained while living with cancer
* Participants are provided with opportunities for education and information.

Here are just a few of the more than two dozen support groups meeting online monthly:
Catching up with Cancer Lifeline's Board Chair Ben Hicks
Recently we had a chance to connect with Ben Hicks. Ben is a relationship manager with The Commerce Bank of Washington. Prior to becoming our board chair, Ben served on our finance committee.

When did you first become involved with Cancer Lifeline? I joined the board almost three years ago now. I attended a Breakfast With Friends event the year prior, but joining the board is when I went all in. 

How long has The Commerce Bank of Washington been connected with Cancer Lifeline? The Commerce Bank has sponsored events and provided leadership since 1995 .

As board president, what changes have you noticed that give you hope for Cancer Lifeline going forward? There is a lot to this question. Overall, the organization has just grown. We are working with more hospitals, we are providing more services to more people, the Board now has over 20 active members, our Advisory Board has done a tremendous job expanding the Patient Financial Assistance Fund, and the staff has everything running better than ever. That growth gives me the greatest hope.  

What have you learned about yourself during this time? Self-reflective questions are always my favorite. I’m not going to answer and instead recommended that we all watch It’s a Wonderful Life . There are so many people struggling right now and I think that movie can really lift some spirits. It also emphasizes that when you do good for others, others will do good for you. I’m so grateful that I get to play a very small part in Cancer Lifeline and the return of good to me has far outweighed the good that I have put in. 

Learn more about Cancer Lifeline's current progress, check out our 2019 Report to the Community.
Cancer Lifeline at Pierce County Cancer Survivorship Online Conference August 5
The Pierce County Cancer Survivorship Conference is an annual event to support and celebrate the community of cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers in the South Sound. Held every August, this free event is presented by multiple community organizations and cancer care advocates.

This year the conference will be held online and Cancer Lifeline facilitators, including Nicole Taylor, Dr. Carrie Horwitch, and Meg Sweeney, MSW, LICSW will be presenting three live sessions.

Meet Cancer Lifeline Volunteer Gayle Ward
How did you first learn about Cancer Lifeline?
I worked in Nursing Administration at Northwest Hospital and participated on the advisory committee. There I learned about Cancer Lifeline and its programs which filled the needs of cancer patients.
Why did you decide to become a volunteer? I was impressed by Cancer Lifeline's mission. As a cancer survivor I wanted to pay it forward for all the kindness I received during my treatment. I wanted to help people overcome the anxiety and fear that comes with a cancer diagnosis and help them regain a sense of control.
What’s the best part about answering/making calls on the Lifeline/Lifeline Chat? Being able to listen and support people as they sort through their feelings and fears. To quote Dorothy O’Brien: 'No one should go through this alone.' I have talked with people from all over the country. Small towns with little resources and big cities too large to navigate. They have all touched my heart and reminded me why I continue to volunteer.

Our annual fall fundraiser Resources for Hope moves online this year for a live streamed event on Saturday, October 17. Benefiting Cancer Lifeline's Patient Financial Assistance Fund for low-income cancer patients, this year's Resources for Hope will roll out the red carpet to help cancer patients who are faced with choosing between treatment and meeting life's necessities. Watch for more details soon!
Our Sponsors Make It Possible
We want to give a shout out to our generous sponsors who stood by us as we took our fundraisers online this year. Thank you for helping us optimize the lives of people living with cancer.
Swedish Cancer Institute has been a steady sponsor of Cancer Lifeline's events for several years. Cancer Lifeline has worked alongside Swedish to help advance the field of emotional support for people living with cancer. Our thanks for their continued sponsorship.
A longtime sponsor of our Breakfast, The Commerce Bank of Washington has been supporting Cancer Lifeline since 1995. Several bank staff members have served on our board, including Ben Hicks, our current board president, and Susan Finneran, who now sits on our Advisory Board. We are grateful for the Bank's ongoing partnership.

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance  brings together the leading research teams and  cancer  specialists of Fred Hutch,  Seattle  Children's, and UW Medicine. We are grateful for their support of our programs and for our current board members Tiffany Courtnage and Andy Peet.
Cancer Lifeline's relationship with the University of Washington goes back to 1973 when members of the UW faculty sat down with our founder Gloria  Gutkowski to  talk about the lack of emotional support programs for cancer patients and what might be done about it. Today we offer our programs at UW Medical Center - Northwest and UW Medicine - Valley Medical Center . Cancer Lifeline salutes UW Medicine for their ongoing support of our events.
We began our formal hospital partnership with Overlake Medical Center in September of 2017, but our relationship reaches back to 2004 when Cancer Lifeline had office space in Bellevue. We are grateful for Overlake's ongoing support of our classes, groups, and events.
Over 14 years ago, Cancer Lifeline was invited to host a support group at EvergreenHealth . That was just the beginning of our strong partnership. Cancer Lifeline thanks Evergreen for their continued support.

Lilly has been a long-time sponsor of Cancer Lifeline's Breakfast with Friends, starting back when it was still a Luncheon. We are grateful for their steadfast support of our fundraising events over the years and look forward to many more.
Dedicated to promoting the economic benefits of life science business and research for Washington state's economy and patients around the world, We Work For Health seeks to educate our elected leaders, the news media and the communities they serve about these key contributions. Cancer Lifeline welcomes We Work for Health Washington as a new sponsor of this year's Resources for Hope online fundraiser .
One of Cancer Lifeline's newest hospital partners, Virginia Mason Cancer Institute has locations in both downtown Seattle and Federal Way. Cancer Lifeline is grateful for Virginia Mason's sponsorship of our events.
We have counted on ROI Technology Inc to keep us safe, secure and active on the internet since 2015. Cancer Lifeline salutes ROI Technology for their ongoing support of our events in 2020.