Spring 2021 Issue
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Rutgers Cancer Prevention and Population Research

Welcome our newest member!

Thomas L. Jang, MD, MPH, FACS

Associate Chief of Urologic Oncology
Associate Professor, Department of Surgery (Urology)
Program Director, Urology Residency Training Program
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Research Interests: kidney cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, testicular cancer; comparative effectiveness and health care disparities research, epidemiology, clinical trials

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Upcoming Meetings - Save the Date
CPC Program Monthly Meetings
July 20, 2021

Brandon Alderman, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Health
Rutgers, The University of New Jersey
Angela Fong, PhD
Instructor of Medicine, Section of Behavioral Science
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

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Grants Awarded
2021-2022. PI: Kristen Riley, PhD
Title: "Testing Step UP! SOS as a Way to Increase Multidisciplinary Collaborations and Reduce Tobacco-Related Stigma in Cancer Prevention"
Sponsor: 2021 Cancer Prevention and Control (CPC) Research Stimulus Small Award Program
2021-2023. PI: Elisa Bandera, MD, PhD
Title: "Impact of Obesity-Related Factors on Breast Cancer Survivorship among Minority and Medically Underserved Populations"
Sponsor: New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research
2021-2023. PI: Zhaomeng Niu, PhD
Title: "Understanding sun protection and skin examination practices among Hispanics"
Sponsor: New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research
2021-2023. PI: Saber Amin, MD, PhD
Title: "Neoadjuvant chemotherapy and targeted therapies in ovarian cancer: Racial disparities in use and survival outcomes"
Sponsor: New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research
2021-2023. PI: Gary Kwok, PhD
Title: "Understanding the multilevel factors influencing a mindfulness-based mobile application service implementation for adolescents and young adults with cancer"
Sponsor: New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research
Recent Presentations at National Conferences/Workshops
National Institute of Health’s Workshop: 
Exploration of the Intersection between Cancer, Obesity, and Disparities (virtual)
March 4, 2021

Elisa Bandera, MD, PhD presented "What We Know and Don’t Know about Disparities in Associations between Obesity and Cancer" during Session 1: Why Are Obese Individuals from Racially/Ethnically Diverse Backgrounds at High-Risk for Cancer?
American Society of Preventive Oncology (ASPO)
March 28 - April 1, 2021

Anita Kinney, PhD, RN, FAAN, FABMR, presented "Community Outreach and Engagement" part of a Review of Population Science and COE (CCSG Application Session) at the Associate Directors (AD) /Program Leaders (PL) Meeting (Virtual).
Elisa Bandera, MD, PhD was Co-Chair, Program Committee for ASPO 2021 Annual Meeting: Health Equity, Culture, and Cancer. She also moderated the following sessions: “Impact of Covid-19 through the Cancer Continuum”, “New Findings in Cancer Survivorship Research”, and Flash Talks on “Culture and Cancer.”
Bo (Bonnie) Qin, PhD presented "Multilevel Risk Factors for Weight Change after Breast Cancer Diagnosis Among Black Women" .
Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Congress 2021 (Virtual)
April 22, 2021

Anita Kinney, PhD, RN, FAAN, FABMR, presented "Identifying and Managing Germline Inherited Cancer Syndromes (Part 1)."
2021 American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
Annual Meeting (Virtual)
June 4-8, 2021

Elisa Bandera, MD, PhD, was an Invited chair, speaker, and panelist in the Educational Session: Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Health Disparities: Harnessing Lifestyle for Breast Cancer Prevention and Control in Diverse Populations, where she presented “Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Impact of Obesity on Breast Cancer Risk and Survival.”
Recent Presentations at Grand Rounds/Other Institutions
March 22, 2021. Anita Kinney, PhD, RN, FAAN, FABMR, presented "Opportunities and Challenges for Translation of Cancer Genomics to the Population" at University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center Grand Rounds (Virtual).
March 26, 2021. Anita Kinney, PhD, RN, FAAN, FABMR, presented "Opportunities and Challenges for Translation of Cancer Genomics to the Population" at Alvin J Siteman Cancer Center Grand Rounds (Virtual).
March 30, 2021. Anita Kinney, PhD, RN, FAAN, FABMR, presented "Community Engagement to Enrich and Accelerate Precision Medicine Research" at the Molecular Epidemiology & The Environment SIG.
April 22, 2021. Ollie Ganz, DrPH was invited to present on "The Role of Menthol in Cigarette Smoking Inequalities" at the 7th Virginia Youth Tobacco Conference.
Recent Presentations within New Jersey
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey’s
Center of Excellence in Cancer Survivorship Research Retreat
April 22, 2021

Elisa Bandera, MD, PhD presented “Evaluating the Role of Obesity after a Breast Cancer Diagnosis among Minority and Medically Underserved Populations."

Anita Kinney, PhD, RN, FAAN, FABMR, presented "Beyond Base Pairs to Survivorship: Integrating Genomics into health promotion interventions."
Recent Trainee Seminar Series
March 19, 2021. Saber Amin (Bandera Lab)
"The Association of Immunotherapeutic Interventions with the Survival Outcomes of Cancer Patients: Analyses of the National Cancer Database"
April 23, 2021. Zhaomeng Niu, PhD (Heckman Lab)
"Digital Educational Strategies to Teach Skin Self-Examination among Individuals at Risk for Skin Cancer"
Past Program Events
Dissemination & Implementation
Science Research Working Groups
February 2, 2021. Kelly Kohler, PhD, MSPH presented a grant proposal WIP on Community-based HPV screening in Botswana.

Co-sponsored by the Dissemination and Implementation Science Research Working Group and Center for Cancer Health Equity.
May 4, 2021. Carolyn Heckman, PhD & Sharon Manne, PhD presented a WIP for an R01 resubmission to the SIHH (Science of Implementation in Health and Healthcare) study section titled: "A Digital Intervention to Improve Skin Self-Examination and Sun Protection among Melanoma Survivors."

Co-sponsored by the Dissemination and Implementation Science Research Working Group and the Center of Excellence in Cancer Survivorship.
Distinguished Lecture Series & Cancer Center Grand Rounds
February 10, 2021. David Conroy, PhD, Professor of Kinesiology and Human Development & Family Studies, Penn State Cancer Institute, The Pennsylvania State University

"Precision Behavioral Interventions to Promote Physical Activity."

Host: Sharon Manne, PhD (CPC)
March 3, 2021. Vish Viswanath, PhD, Lee Kum Kee Professor of Health Communication; Faculty Affiliate in the Department of Global Health and Population; Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

"Measuring What Matters: Data Absenteeism, Cancer Communication and Equity"

Hosts: Kelly Kohler, PhD, MSPH (CPC) & Anita Kinney, PhD, RN, FAAN, FABMR (CHE)
March 24, 2021. Anthony Alberg, PhD, MD, Professor and Chair, Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina

"Is Keratinocyte Carcinoma a Marker of Increased Risk of Other Malignancies?"

Host: Elisa Bandera, MD, PhD (CPC)
April 21, 2021. Linda M. Collins, PhD, Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Biostatistics, Co-Director, Transdisciplinary Research Methods Core; Center for Drug Use and HIV Research, School of Global Public Health, New York University

"Achieving Intervention EASE via the Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST)"

Host: Sharon Manne, PhD (CPC)
April 28, 2021. Elizabeth M. Cespedes Feliciano, ScD, MSc, Research Scientist II, Kaiser Permanente Northern California, Division of Research

"Body Composition and Cancer Survival: Assessment, Associations, and Future Directions"

Hosts: Elisa Bandera, MD, PhD (CPC) & Adana Llanos, PhD, MPH (CPC)
May 5, 2021. Nathaniel Daw, PhD, Huo Professor in Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience, Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Princeton University

"Machine Learning Applications to Behavioral Science and Beyond"

Host: Carolyn Heckman, PhD (CPC)
May 12, 2021. Tuya Pal, MD, Associate Director for Cancer Health Disparities, Ingram Professor of Cancer Research, Professor of Medicine, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Vanderbilt Ingra Cancer Center

"Striving Towards Care Equity Among Those with Inherited Cancer"

Host: Anita Kinney, PhD, RN, FAAN, FABMR (CHE)
May 24, 2021. Michele L. Cote, PhD, MPH, Professor, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Department of Oncology, Associate Center Director for Cancer Research Training and Education Coordination, Karmanos Cancer Institute

"Beyond Obesity: The Increasing Incidence of Epidemiology of High Grade Edometrial Cancers"

Hosts: Sharon Pine, PhD (CPC) & Anita Y. Kinney, PhD, RN, FAAN, FABMR (CHE)
May 26, 2021. Kevin C. Oeffinger, MD, Professor of Medicine, Professor in the Dept. of Community and Family Medicine, Professor in Population Health Sciences, Member of the Duke Cancer Institute.

"Against the Grain: Bringing PCPs "back" into Cancer Care through Onco-Primary Care" 

Host: Sharon Manne, PhD (CECS)
CPC Program Monthly Meetings

March 16, 2021

Andy Tan, PhD, MPH, MBA, MBBS
Assistant Professor, School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania

"Advancing Communication Science to Address Tobacco-Related Health Disparities”
April 20, 2021

Paul R. Duberstein, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Health Behavior, Society and Policy, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey


Biren Saraiya, MD
Assistant Professor, Medical Oncology/Palliative Care, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
"Improving Communication and Prognostic Understanding in Advanced Cancer: Overview of the VOICE studies”
May 17, 2021

Jonathan Purtle, DrPH, MSc
Assistant Professor, Department of Health Management & Policy, Drexel University

"Policy-Focused Dissemination and Implementation Research"

Special Cancer Prevention and Control (CPC) Virtual Seminar:

"Cancer Pharmacoepidemiology:
Principles, Research Applications, and Future Perspectives"
April 5, 2021
Hosted by:
Elisa Bandera, PhD, MD
Co-Leader, Cancer Prevention and Control Program 
Brian L. Strom, MD, MPH, Chancellor, Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences, presented "An Introduction to (Cancer) Pharmacoepidemiology: Principles and Applications." 
Soko Setoguchi, MD, DrPH, Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology, Department of Medicine, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Center for Pharmacoepidemiology and Treatment Science, Institute for Health, presented "Cancer as a Safety Event vs. Cancer as a Study Population in Cancer Pharmacoepidemiology."
Benjamin Bates, MD, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Cancer Pharmacoepidemiology, Rutgers Center for Pharmacoepidemiology and Treatment Science, Institute for Health, presented "Assessing Use, Effectiveness, and Safety of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors among Real World Cancer Patients."
Shane Neibart, MD/MS in Clinical and Translational Science Candidate, Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, presented "Drug-Radiation Interactions in Cancer Pharmacoepidemiology."
Congratulations to CPC Members:
Congratulations to the New Jersey State Cancer Registry in re-joining the NCI-SEER Program!
Antoinette (Nan) Stroup, PhD, will lead the NJ SEER Program along with the Deputy Director of the Cancer Surveillance Research Program, Lisa Paddock, PhD, MPH and the NJSCR Program Manager, Heather Stabinsky, MSEd, CTR.

Read the full article here.
Spring 2021. Elisa Bandera, MD, PhD was appointed as a Committee Member with the American Cancer Society’s Guidelines on Nutrition and Physical Activity for Cancer Survival.
Cristine Delnevo, PhD, MPH was recently appointed to serve on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC). She will be one of nine voting members on the committee, which advises the FDA on regulating tobacco products. The four-year appointment will end on Jan. 31, 2025.
Spring 2021. Carolyn Heckman, PhD joined the Editorial Board of JMIR Dermatology.
Spring 2021. Bo (Bonnie) Qin, PhD joined the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Nutrition.
Other Media Coverage
Rutgers Family Medicine and Community Health Expert, Shawna Hudson, PhD, co-authored National Academies Report on Primary Care, titled Implementing High-Quality Primary Care: Rebuilding the Foundation of Health Care.

Read the full article in Rutgers Today.
More to Know
Population Science Research Support Shared Resource

The Population Science Research Support shared resource works with researchers to provide expertise and technical support in the following areas:

(1) subject recruitment (contact subjects, collect data, conduct interviews);
(2) setting-up online surveys in DatStat, RedCap, Qualtrics and training staff to administer them; and
(3) setting-up infrastructure for longitudinal and randomized trial recruitment on DatStat and RedCap and training staff.

For more information and to discuss your project needs, please reach out to popsciresource@cinj.rutgers.edu
The Center of Excellence in Cancer Survivorship

The Center of Excellence in Cancer Survivorship released the first issue of their newsletter in February 2021, highlighting program events and member achievements. Find the full newsletter here.

Email Carissa Greco, Program Coordinator if you would like to subscribe or submit an item for a future newsletter.
Acknowledging Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) in Publications
Please acknowledge the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) in publications that resulted from any CCSG support such as: Pilot Award/New Investigator funds, use of Office of Human Research Services (OHRS), and/or use of any supported Shared Resource. Publications that acknowledge the CCSG must comply with the NIH Public Access Policy
Research Programs & Catchment Area Alignment
The term “catchment area” is often not immediately familiar to members of the Research Programs. In the simplest terms, the catchment area is the geographic area served by an institution. Rutgers Cancer Institute’s catchment area is the entire state of New Jersey, a place with great racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and other diversity and multiple cancer health equity issues. As the only NCI-designated cancer center in New Jersey, Rutgers Cancer Institute’s catchment area work includes establishing and aligning research priorities based upon the populations and communities for which there are the greatest disparities in cancer incidence, morbidity, and/or mortality.

Research relevant to the catchment area applies to basic, translational, and clinical researchers as much as it does to those in population science. For example, basic laboratory research on lung cancer, efforts to engage more diverse patient populations in cancer clinical trials, and genomics research on hereditary cancer could all be considered catchment area relevant, for they align with research priorities set forth by Rutgers Cancer Institute to promote cancer health equity and reduce disparities. Researchers who consider their current and future research endeavors from the catchment area perspective may find new opportunities for funding and collaboration, as well as added significance to their already important work. This new section of the newsletter will serve to inform and link the Basic and Clinical Research Program members with such resources and opportunities.

Those interested in learning more about catchment area alignment, and who may already be doing catchment area relevant research, are encouraged to contact Rita Musanti, PhD, APN-BC, Assistant Director for Community Outreach and Engagement at rita.musanti@rutgers.edu

For a full list of recent manuscripts, abstracts, and presentations please visit the Researcher Profiles webpage.
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