Issue #117

   Meier-Hein Interview
   Carbon-ion Therapy

Cancer Research

Since 2010 the overall cancer death rate has significantly  declined. Researchers in Germany and the US have made major advances preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer. At the forefront of emerging cancer research is precision medicine, cancer genomics, advances in pathology and the incorporation of data science.

Our April newsletter looks at some of the most promising cancer research in Germany today. We feature a safer form of radiation therapy, Pathology 4.0 and research targeting DNA repair. Our interview is with Dr. Lena Meier-Hein, whose work combining data science and oncology sits atop the burgeoning field of computer-assisted medical interventions.

A New Era in Cancer Research

Dr. Lena Meier-Hein

Fighting Cancer with Data
Following the introduction of anesthesia and minimally-invasive techniques, data science promises to bring about the next paradigm shift in surgery, says Dr. Lena Meier-Hein of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). More on medical data access, privacy and computer-aided surgery in our interview.
Treatment Room, Heidelberg Ion Beam Therapy Center

New Treatment Shows Success in Heidelberg

Not yet popular in the US, carbon-ion radiation treatment shows promise as a more precise and effective therapy than traditional x-ray radiation. Read on.
inveox team

Pathology 4.0

inveox is ushering in the future of pathology. The company has developed a system for digitizing, automating and connecting pathology labs to reduce errors and misdiagnosis. Learn more.
DNA and repair tools

Hacking DNA Repair

It's not always bad when something breaks. Dr. Balca Mardin's research team at Heidelberg's BioMedX is investigating how drugs can use breakdowns in DNA-repair pathways to prevent cancer. To the story.

DWIH Events

Future Forum on Cites & Climate in Chicago

Virtual Events

The DWIH New York is coordinating upcoming virtual events with our supporters. The Falling Walls Lab pitch contest will take place online on Thursday, May 7 with no audience. Stay tuned for our May newsletter to find out what innovation takes first prize!

The Future Forum 2020 on the topic Cities & Climate is still slated for October 16-17, 2020, in Chicago.