May 2019
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Last Tuesday, cancer stole another life. This one wasn't just another cancer patient, this one was a dear family member of ours. She was one of the sweetest people that could be found on earth. She was a beautiful young woman, mother to two great sons, wife to a fantastic husband, who will be missed dearly by all of her family and friends.

Everyone seems to realize that fatigue is a part of cancer treatment, but most of us assume that fatigue will go away soon after treatment. We hope and expect that we’ll get  back to “normal”  and that life will be just like it was before.

We, as cancer patients, are often advised to get a second opinion. Yet, many of us don’t understand exactly what a second opinion is, how to get a second opinion and how a second opinion might benefit us. Second opinions are particularly important when we are first diagnosed or when our cancer recurs

Sorting Through The Confusion Over Leukemia Types
Are you confused about  leukemia ? Patients and their families may be confused by their “official” diagnosis because it is contains three words and is often referred to by its  acronym  (an abbreviation of the first letters of the words in the name of an organization or disease – for example, NASA, ATM or COPD).

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