God Is like A Lighthouse Looking Out For Us
"Throught the Lord's mercies we are not consumed, because His compassion's fail not."
Lamentations 3:22

 God has been good to us ...

#1 Our 2 sons and their families are very supportive to us in our quest for full health . They give good advise, counsel, and concerns out of love. The most fun is their teasing, regular texting, and fun filled bantering and picking on Father which is good for the soul.

#2 When making arrangements to come to AZ, God brought Bill & Hazel Cocke into our lives and they offered their winter home to us as a "gift of love" to stay during our treatments. We made several offers to reimburse them for their home use but we had no success. So God provided us a place to stay using Bill & Hazel. That was a huge blessing under the circumstances ... like God putting a rose on the thorns.

#3 Now their AZ home is in a gated 55 and older community with access to an indoor and outdoor pool, exercise room with all the equipment you could imagine, exercise classes, pickleball courts, tennis courts, steam room, beautiful landscaping, even golf if we want it. Both Jim and I have been making use of these beautiful amenities. Biking at 6am because of the hot climate here. Jim is really into swimming twice a day. So we are both exercising every day, slimming and toning. Isn't God good to provide all these things so handy to our current life's needs?

#4 We thank God for family, peace, and love. We are thankful we have God to turn to for wisdom, guidance, strength of mind, and peace within the soul in this situation.

Jim calls AZ ... "Purgatory" because of the summer heat. Got up to 120 degrees this weekend. This made an AZ 50 year record. I went biking at 111 degrees and survived it! :) Thank heaven for air conditioning!

So far Jim has had 8 IV treatments of 50,000mg Vitamin C with 26 other additives like B vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace minerals, and germanium to oxygenate the cells to mention a few. We dearly respect and enjoy our Dr. Cheryl Kollin here in the Phoenix area. She is a very bright doctor, an innovative thinker, up with the times and what new options are available. What she doesn't know she researches and gets back with us real soon. She has a real heart for her patients and serves them well. 

For those interested in Jim's protocol we are doing systemic treatments in multiple avenues; Heat therapy through a steam room application, using the Dome infrared heat, hot and cold treatments, and Epsom salt sweat bath hydrotherapy as needed. Lots of exercise morning and evening 1/2 hour each. Sun baths, oxygen therapy (exercise), ozone in sauna, Vitamin C IV with many additives, as well as Liposomal Vitamin C that we make ourselves, Jim takes lots of supplements and probiotics faithfully, and using essential oils. We have been doing the green drinks for 5 weeks now in place of breakfast but presently Jim is solo on a juice fast using organic greens and veggies while doing a complete detoxing program for the liver, gallbladder and kidneys for 14 + days using coffee enemas. Got to clean out the organs so they can handle the killing and clean up of the dead cancer cells and ridding the body of all the toxins. Can't stir up toxins without making a freeway to get rid of all the junk right?

The only negatives Jim has experienced so far are ... loosing 7 pounds and got a rash on his upper arm which seems to be resolving. Expect the rash is due to the detoxing.

We continue to research, evaluate and are settling into a treatment protocol that is chosen prayerfully and thoughtfully with the information we have available today. The statistics of recovery and cure are much higher with the natural modalities than the traditional treatment used today. We have chosen our tests and markers to be able to watch and evaluate this treatment to see if it is working or not working and needing modifications. God is at the center of our sorting and choosing. He is guiding us like the lighthouse guiding us off the stormy sea. Our muscles on the oars of TRUSTING Him are being well exercised by faith and we are going forward. What we do is so dependent upon His blessings for that is where Divine Healing comes from.

So your prayers are very appreciated and valuable. We thank all those who think of us and pray for God's hand in it.

God's Blessings to Each of You,
Jim & Sally