Bite-Size Blog #35 -- J. Morris Hicks

Cancer and the Nobel Prize. An Update. 

    J. Morris Hicks
A little background. On 7-18-16, I sent out BSB #16 announcing how we had included a chapter in our new book on this topic. A few days before that, I posted a comprehensive blog on the topic at my site.

To date, our Nobel campaign has not gotten much traction, because the "cancer industry," indeed, the entire money-driven, global mainstream healthcare system refuses to even acknowledge Dr. Campbell's Earth-shattering scientific findings--much less rigorously test them for applicability in humans.

We were particularly disappointed with VP Biden's Moonshot Cancer Initiative team that turned a deaf ear to our numerous attempts to meet with them. But now we're moving forward with a serious effort to get a hearing with one of the leading cancer research philanthropists in the country. In this recent interview with Judy Woodruff, you can see why we are optimistic about our chances with this apparently very open-minded individual.

Finally, I have now posted the entire 5,000-word chapter on this topic from the current draft of our new book, "Downsizing the Cancer Industry." 

The Bottom Line. We simply must find that special person of influence out there who will be willing to champion the cause of promoting Dr. T. Colin Campbell's health-promoting science to the entire world.     

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