October 26, 2017

Director's Letter  

How can we level the playing field for all?

Two studies we have been intimately involved with have shown that vitamin D levels, in the recommended range of 40-60 ng/ml (100-150 nmol/L), have all but eliminated the idea of racial disparity. These studies have both been on pregnant women.

There is a brand new paper on breast cancer, Association of Vitamin D3 Level with Breast Cancer Risk and Prognosis in African-American and Hispanic Women which shows a 50% lower risk of breast cancer for women with vitamin D levels greater than 20 ng/ml (50 nmol/L) as compared to those with levels less than or equal to 20 ng/ml. (They had no one in their group at the higher serum levels that the GrassrootsHealth cohort has; 40+ ng/ml.)

Our data show a full 80% lower risk if you get the serum level up to at least 60 ng/ml. (We will be publishing this soon.)

It's TIME! It's PAST TIME!  Whether people are white or black, dark or light, vitamin D in the range of at least 40-60 ng/ml (100-150 nmol/L) is a key part of the answer to reducing the incidence of many cancers, of preterm births, of other health problems. It is clear that the darker the skin, the lower the average serum level, quite simply because most people are still getting their vitamin D from the sun--and, the darker the skin, the longer it takes to get enough from sun exposure.

We found in our studies that blacks, as a whole, were much more deficient in vitamin D and that once they supplemented to get within the recommended range, they had the same disease rates as whites of the same vitamin D level.

Yes, there are other factors involved, but at least START HERE!

We would love to add more black women to our Breast Cancer Prevention Project. What does it take? Dedicated people like yourself to donate a little today. This money will be used to add 1,000 women in the lower socioeconomic strata to our study group. This will not only help the one woman you are sponsoring, it will increase awareness on this connection between vitamin D and a cancer-free life for all.


Carole Baggerly 
Director, GrassrootsHealth 
Moving Research into Practice NOW!
Let's Level the Playing Field with Vitamin D

Racial disparity is a major concern for the US today, increasing healthcare expenses by $250 billion per year. Average vitamin D levels for blacks and Hispanics are much lower than whites (19 ng/ml, 23 ng/ml, and 30 ng/ml respectively) and rates of disease much higher. GrassrootsHealth studies on preterm birth have found that increasing vitamin D levels for black women equalizes preterm birth rates between black and white women.
Vitamin D Success Story: Prostate Cancer

Mike Scott is 75 years young, living in Cedar Park, Texas. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer, a Gleason score of 7, in 2010. He opted out of 'normal' treatment and instead decided to raise his vitamin D level. He now has a Gleason score of 0, his PSA is stable, vitamin D levels between 60-90 ng/ml, and no problems with hypercalcemia. Learn what he did to avoid standard treatments and live a healthier live. 

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a Woman's Life

Your donation will be used to help sign up 1,000 new under-served women into our Breast Cancer Prevention Program and to spread the message of prevention.

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