Right now there are thousands of children like Melissa fighting cancer in Canada. Thanks to contributions from generous people like you, they are reminded what it's like to be a kid again when they experience a wish.

Drama class, karaoke, and Harry Potter filled Melissa’s life when she was stopped in her tracks by Hodgkin’s lymphoma, cancer that requires intensive chemotherapy and radiation. In her final year of high school, she found herself focused on treatment while trying to keep up with her studies. Her hard work paid off—she completed her chemotherapy at the end of last year and celebrated with a well-deserved wish trip.

“After spending the first half of Melissa’s grade 12 year going through chemo, it was nice to have the family together to celebrate her cure!” says her mom Raelene. “She worked so hard to keep up in school to graduate and the trip kept her on a positive note through the process.”

While nothing can change the fact that Melissa had to face the challenge of cancer and its treatment head-on, her wish did change the way she approached it. “It made what she went through so much more tolerable.”
Plan a bake sale for Make-A-Wish!
Our sweetest fundraising campaign is back! Sometime during October, we invite you to gather your colleagues and coworkers, family and friends, scout troop, rock group, teammates or roommates and plan a bake sale! It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. All that matters is selling what you bake and donating the funds to Make-A-Wish.
We're here to help! We have tool kids and tips at www.wishfulbakingweek.com . Register your sale and we'll help you promote it! More than 250 kids throughout Northern Alberta are waiting for their wish. With a Wishful Baking bake sale you can make their lives just a little bit sweeter.
Volunteer Spotlight
Name: Bonnie
Volunteer Position: Office Support
Highlights: Bonnie has been volunteering since January 2017, given her time at two casinos, and logged 361 hours helping the wish department and doing other office duties as required—always with a smile and a great sense of humour!

We love our volunteers! People like Bonnie make wishes come true every day by giving us their time and dedication.
Calendar of Wishes Sponsorship Available
Get involved with wishes this holiday season by sponsoring a door on our larger-than-life advent calendar. Each day in December we open an door and reveal a wish that has been granted this year. Located outdoors at Abbey Glen Park and indoors at Commerce Place, the Calendar of Wishes is a whimsical and inspiring installation. Become a part of it today!