This Blastorial is paid for by the BACCPAC (Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee)
Candidate Endorsements - Election May 19, 2020
The Candidate Endorsement Council of the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce this week has developed its list of endorsements for the upcoming statewide primary election, slated for May 19, 2020. Chamber and community leaders undertake the non-partisan process to consider candidates for endorsement who seek to build and support an active business climate and those who pursue job creation strategies in support of a healthy community. The Chamber endorses candidates with proven collaborative approaches, and who support the needs and values of business, while striving to balance their ideologies and deliver results. 

“The Chamber's leadership identifies candidates who have a strong record and are pro-business in their land use, transportation, and government regulation/taxation positions that support the free-enterprise system," said Lorraine Clarno, President/CEO of the Chamber. “And we ensure our selections are tuned into to our business engagement efforts.”

"We look for leadership qualities and abilities that result in effective consensus building to achieve meaningful results. As we look through the eyes of business owners and the employees they employ, we believe collaborative solutions are necessary for affordable housing, effective transportation, quality education, local safety and fiscal diligence in both investments and taxation at the local, state and national level,” said Stephen Smelley, Chair of the Candidate Endorsement Council. 

“We greatly appreciate all of the candidates that took part in our in-depth process,” said Keith Wright, Chair of the Chamber's Board of Directors. "They participated in our January Forum and were personally interviewed by our 7-member panel over the past week. Regardless of whether we endorsed them or not, they were inspiring. Their passion and willingness to serve is impressive and we recognize how tough running for public office is today.” 

Beaverton City Council Position 3
John Dugger - Co-Endorsed
John Dugger is seeking his first term on City Council. He has been actively engaged in City government through his engagement on the Highland NAC resulting in a deeper desire to keep Beaverton’s hometown reputation along with its urban advancement and positive growth. He comes to the table with a 5-point Hometown Beaverton Plan that is rooted in community connection as a basis for economic, placemaking, sustainability, transportation and government reform. He directly acknowledges our need for roads and capacity while also encouraging alternative forms of transportation. He is actively seeking out community input on his plan and listening to neighbors. 

John works at NIKE as a strategist.

Beaverton City Council Position 3
Mark Fagin - Co-Endorsed
As the incumbent, Mark Fagin points to his successful work on the Visioning Advisory Committee as something he hopes to be remembered for. His term began in 2013 and he’s spent his time implementing the goals of the vision. He believes his role is to listen, to stay focused, and to follow through. He brings a business focus to council discussions and policy making. He believes strongly in the need for the City Charter and form of government overhaul, which is being placed on this May’s ballot, to ensure a skilled and qualified City Manager is accountable to the City Council and Mayor. 

Mark is the owner of Gaston Sales.

Beaverton City Council Position 4
Allison Tivnon
The citizens of Beaverton are fortunate Allison Tivnon is seeking election for seat 4 as Cate Arnold steps away following 20 years of service. Allison has been actively engaged in our City as chair of the Beaverton Arts Commission and brings a skill set to the seat which includes business development and philanthropic involvement. Her work at ECONorthwest has given her years of experience working with city planning, regional governments, urban planners, economists and others. She sees great opportunities ahead for Beaverton and acknowledges that she is ready and prepared to take on the weighty issues that lie ahead for the Beaverton City Council. 

Allison is a partner and serves as Marketing Director at ECONorthwest.

Mayor of Beaverton
Denny Doyle
Beaverton is on the right track, says incumbent Mayor Doyle . He notes Beaverton’s positive economic growth and momentum are strong. The community vision has come to life under his leadership, the Patricia Reser Center of the Arts is coming out of the ground, and the Public Safety Center will be a reality in three short months. The Mayor has a proven track record and is focused on achieving more over the next four years. He has championed affordable housing efforts, listened to business concerns and his staff have answered making significant improvements in the cost of doing business with the City. He promises to continue his determination to address smart solutions for housing, transportation and public safety.

Mayor Doyle was a City Councilor for 14 years prior to becoming Mayor in 2009.

Washington County Sheriff
Washington County is fortunate to have incumbent Sheriff Garrett running for an additional term. His proven track record of collaboration and training investment has paid off for the citizens of our county. He holds a strong connection with our diverse community and uses his experience and skills to keep our communities safe. His years of deep relationship building with key stakeholders from local police departments, to the Oregon Department of Corrections and federal law agencies cannot be overstated. He leads with integrity and an eye on long term safety solutions. Having established relationships with several business associations across Washington County, he remains ready to connect with other groups to best understand the challenges and needs of our business community.  

Pat has over 30 years of Sheriff experience and was first elected in Washington County Sheriff in 2011.

Washington County Commission District 1
Nafisa Fai - D
Nafisa Fai is a refreshing, bright, and driven example of a success story – from refugee immigrant to business owner and public health professional. Nafisa brings a strong and wide lens to her perspectives combined with her business acumen and love for her community.
She has placed priorities on finding the root causes of poverty to address working family needs, improving congestion on our roads, empowering entrepreneurs to grow small businesses and jobs and ensuring Washington County is a prosperous and flourishing place for everyone.

Nafisa owns the Pan African Planning Group, LLC

House District 28
Alisa Blum - D
Alisa Blum is a small business owner and advocate that has spent years working in the community to solve problems. She is ready to bring her experience to the state legislature in Salem to address affordability and housing, ensure proper implementation of the Student Success Act, work to improve Oregon’s health care system, and make it easier for small businesses to thrive. She understands the unique challenges business face and wants to work to support job creation and retention. 

Alisa owns Alisa Blum & Associates

House District 33
Andy Saultz - D
Andy Saultz is the only Washington County resident and candidate running for House District 33. He was born and raised in the Beaverton area, and brings a refreshing approach to making policy in our state. In his deliberation, he asks is the policy equitable? Was the process inclusive? How will the affect the next generation? He states he’s committed to bringing business to the table for all discussions that impact them. He understands the interconnectedness between the challenges our state faces and is determined to take holistic approaches to policy making in Salem. He recognizes that jobs are the backbone of the economy. He states there must be synergy between business and government for sustainable and successful policy.

Andy is currently the Program Director of PhD Program in Education and Leadership at Pacific University in Forest Grove

Senate District 14
Dick Schouten - D
Dick Schouten has a proven track record at the County Commissioner level as a collaborator focused on results and will take that to Salem with his thoughtful approach to the complex issues facing the legislature. He’s worked well with very divergent perspectives and individuals ultimately building consensus on tough issues. He says he’ll continue to work for a strong education system, will work to protect the environment but not at the expense of jobs, and look at both the supply and affordability of housing. He is proud to call himself a fiscally-conservative democrat. 

Dick owned an attorney firm and has served on the Washington County Board of Commission for the past 20-years.

This Blastorial is paid for by the BACCPAC (Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee)