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Candidate Spotlight

Alex Charlton
for PA State Representative
in the 165th District
(Includes Radnor Precincts 1-1, 3-1, 5-2, and all of the 4th and 6th Wards)
Chairman's Commentary on Alex Charlton

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Alex Charlton delivers for Radnor, and, more than any of our other deserving candidates on the ballot next week, he has earned your vote on November 6. Alex has delivered increased state funding for Radnor schools while also passing legislation that has made our schools safer. Alex is working hard to deliver meaningful state funding for multiple projects in Radnor under the State’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP). As an experienced legislator and former Chamber of Commerce executive, Alex has the tools to continue to deliver results for his constituents in Radnor.
I strongly encourage you to mark your calendars for November 6 and invest a few minutes to vote for Alex. He will continue to deliver results for Radnor in the Pennsylvania Legislature.
Best Regards,

Howard Gartland
Radnor Republican Committee
Meet Alex Charlton

During his first term in the PA House of Representatives, Alex Charlton has focused on serving his neighbors of Delaware County by fighting to protect people living with disabilities, tax reform, improved education and economic development.

During this legislative session, Alex voted for public pension reform to save taxpayers money, blocked efforts to increase the personal income tax and state sales tax and secured additional funding for our local schools and first responders.

In addition, Alex has been a champion for those with disabilities by introducing legislation that has assisted with funding and other critical care. Alex has also introduced several pieces of legislation that protects our open space, cuts red tape for businesses, allows changes to school start times to better reflect our communities and protects victims such as medical professionals from violence and legal fees for sexual harassment victims.

Alex knows what it takes to create jobs.  As a former President of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, Alex worked with the small and medium-sized businesses that drive innovation and economic growth in Pennsylvania. Alex also served as Chief of Staff to State Sen. Tom McGarrigle.

A lifelong resident of Delaware County, Alex lives in Springfield with his wife, Kira, and their three daughters.

Learn more about Alex here .
Alex Charlton in the Media
Alex on Why He's Running
State Rep. Alex Charlton proclaims September as Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month
State Rep. Alex Charlton comments about the 2018-19 budget that does not raise taxes
Pa. State Rep. Alex Charlton holds a press conference to announce passage of the Growing Greener III Program
State Rep. Alex Charlton speaks on House Resolution 953, which recognizes June 10th as DELCO DAY
State Rep. Alex Charlton explains House Bill 2147, which protects good samaritans when saving someone in the process of overdose
Alex Charlton on the Issues

“The greatest priorities in my life are my daughters and their future.” — Alex Charlton

Better schools for our kids. More jobs and opportunity for our families. Less waste and abuse in Harrisburg. Learn more about what Alex Charlton will fight for when he gets to the State House.

Our schools in Delaware County are some of the best in the state, but our teachers and school boards are trapped in a broken system that just isn’t getting the job done. It forces our teachers to “teach to the test” instead of preparing our kids to compete for jobs in a global workforce. Our school boards face burdensome one-size-fits-all regulations from Washington and Harrisburg that drive up the cost of educating our kids but do nothing to improve learning.


An epidemic of opioid overdose deaths is ravaging Pennsylvania and our area, tragically, is no exception. In just one week last August, heroin overdoses took the lives of nine victims in Delaware County. Studies have shown that many overdose victims end up on a path to heroin addiction after using prescription narcotics.


As President of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, Alex Charlton worked hand-in-hand with growing businesses in our region. He saw the opportunity they created — and the challenges they faced. He helped mom-and-pop store owners struggling to stay afloat build the network of customers and advertisers they needed to survive. And he saw what government needed to do to get out of the way of the entrepreneurs that were creating jobs and generating economic growth.


Gun violence has become an all-too-common tragedy across the nation, and Pennsylvania has been among the hardest hit. As recently as 2010, there was a gun death in Pennsylvania every seven hours and from 2001-2010 nearly 13,000 people lost their lives to guns in Pennsylvania, the fifth-highest of any state.


Our parks and open spaces provide families with a place to relax, unwind, socialize and exercise. They also boost the value of our homes. But it’s not always easy to promote development and economic growth while preserving open space and the natural features of our community. It’s why Alex Charlton believes it’s so important to give townships, boroughs and local communities more power and flexibility in making the development decisions that are best for our residents.

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