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Candidate Spotlight

Baltazar Rubio
for PA State Representative
in the 166th District
(Includes Radnor Precincts 1-2, 3-2, and 5-1, and all of the 2nd and 7th Wards)
Meet Baltazar Rubio

Life, like politics, is simple it's just people. It is about listening and communicating with people whose points of view may diverge from yours, but understanding that there is a common point on which we can all agree. The trick is to find the commonality, then work from there.  

My wife and I moved to Havertown, August 1, 2013 to raise our family. Over the next few years we built out our family and now are getting ready for the next step, school at Chatham Park Elementary. Haverford Township affords us a lifestyle, and community for our family that is exactly the kind of small town feel we were searching for when we first began looking for a place to raise a family. 

I humbly ask that you consider a candidate that has spent nearly his entire professional legal career serving Pennsylvanians. For the past decade I've been employed as a Public Defender in Delaware County fighting for the rights of the indigent . I also served as an elected School Board Director for the Chester Upland School District, and as a Solicitor in the City of Chester. Before this I was in a small firm in the City of Chester, Wright, Jones and Associates working for the residents in Family and Criminal Law practice. All this work has taught me the value of personal relationships and respect for those of all races, ethnicities, and creeds. We are all Pennsylvanians who deserve respect and consideration. 

Prior to working in the field of Law I was a General Contractor who owned my own building company. This work was particularly satisfying because nothing is better than seeing the fruits of your labor almost immediately. 

Because of these business experiences, both law and construction, I have a special understanding of small business and how our government can assist in helping the residents of the 166th grow business and better benefit from the fruits of our hard work.
Baltazar Rubio in His Own Words
Baltazar discusses why he's running for State Representative
Baltazar lets you know why he's the better candidate to send to Harrisburg
Baltazar speaks on a proposal to increase the property tax rebate in PA
Baltazar discusses his proposal for small business tax relief
Baltazar speaks out publicly about his 2012 accident
Baltazar lays out ideas for combatting the opioid epidemic in Pennsylvania
Baltazar Rubio on the Issues

“Government is the ultimate monopoly. And monopolies, as any economist will tell you, often breed complacency and a lack of innovation.” — Gavin Newsom

Sure, living in the 166th District, we have a nice life. But couldn’t it be better? One of the problems Baltazar sees is complacency. The same man, in the same job for over a quarter century has not been kind to us in the 166th. It is time to move us forward, into the future with bigger ideas, and a plan.

If the same people, continue to do the same things in the same ways, then exactly what will change? Nothing! Now is the time to take back our community and breath fresh life into our neighborhoods. Everything in life is cyclical, and Baltazar believes that the current cycle is coming to an end. If we do not act now to push ourselves forward, then we will see things stay exactly as they are, becoming more stagnant with each passing day. Baltazar knows he does not want to see property values dropping, while property taxes are rising. He does not want to see businesses moving on to more business-friendly areas, leaving us with empty stores. Take a good look around. You can see where this has already begun to happen in other parts of the county. Elect Baltazar Rubio as your State Representative, and you will be electing a brighter tomorrow.

As your State Representative, Baltazar will lower taxes for small business owners by lowering the personal income tax (P.I.T.). Prior to working as an attorney, he owned and ran a small contracting firm. It started out, as many businesses do, as a one-man one-truck operation, which grew to have several employees, and it became clear to Baltazar that, in order to pay his employees what they were worth it, was necessary to cut significantly into any profit margin. After a work injury, Baltazar decided to change careers and proceed into the field of law. Never wanting to give up being an entrepreneur,...


Senior citizens, particularly those on fixed incomes, are burdened by high property taxes. These citizens should receive rebates or tax abatement from local property taxes that would help offset this burden.  Our current scheme only allows for a maximum rebate on income of $650.00 dollars if you make up to $8,000.00 and it goes down to $250.00 maximum if you make up to $35,000.00. These rates are for homeowners. The renters rebate is a flat $650.00 in the income brackets. Now this all seems wrong to Baltazar's mind, these numbers might not even cover unreimbursed medical costs or medication costs...


Recently Baltazar sat in on a meeting in Ardmore and listened. It was impactful to hear how alcohol, heroin and fentanyl have killed some of the youngest and brightest children in our community. A few months ago, he spoke to a resident in Haverford’s 8th ward who took him outside of his house and pointed up and down the street to show him the five children and young people who had been affected and harmed by drug addiction. Their stories were tragic but unfortunately not uncommon. This is because of our unrelenting stubbornness to look fully into the face of addiction...

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