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Pearl Kim
for Congress
Meet Pearl Kim

Pearl is running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 5 th  Congressional District with a goal of bringing people together in a bipartisan way to address the challenges facing our country on issues such as immigration reform, maintaining a strong economy, criminal justice reform, human trafficking, and increasing opportunities for the economically disadvantaged. If elected, Pearl would be the first woman of color elected to Congress in Pennsylvania history.

The daughter of first-generation American citizens who immigrated to the United States from South Korea to pursue the American Dream, Pearl Kim has 11 years of law enforcement experience as an Assistant District Attorney and a Senior Deputy Attorney General for Pennsylvania

Pearl has never been one to be happy with the status quo, and that includes the current political climate. Pearl will bring a fresh perspective to Congress , including her unique personal story, experiences, and background.  She is committed to being a force for change, shaking up the political establishment, breaking glass ceilings, and fighting for those who feel they do not have a voice in government.

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Pearl Kim on the Issues

Legal immigration is the key to America’s success as a shining city on a hill and beacon of freedom for all who want a better life. As a first-generation American, Pearl will fight to fix our broken immigration system. She knows that the opportunity given to her family can only work for others when the immigration rules are clear, balanced, fair and enforced. Pearl believes in securing our borders so that we can responsibly develop an immigration policy that is humane and effective to propel American growth. Pearl believes that Dreamers under DACA, who have otherwise followed our laws, should be afforded a path to citizenship.


Pearl believes drug pushers need to be held accountable for the scourge of addiction afflicting our communities. That means ensuring pain-killers are properly prescribed and putting anybody breaking the rules behind bars. Furthermore, Pearl recognizes that addiction is an illness that requires treatment without judgment. Pearl can be counted on to be a compassionate voice for families battling an addiction to get the resources they need. 


Pearl Kim is the only candidate for Congress who worked on a plan to keep students safe on campus. She will be a tireless advocate for resources that stop tragedies before they can happen. Pearl supports background checks for firearms, closing loopholes and ensuring that law enforcement has the tools they need to get troubled youth the help they need. 


Education is the key to prosperity. Pearl knows that today’s rewarding, family-sustaining careers do not always require a college degree. She believes that the Federal government should reduce as many barriers as possible to help people get the training they need to provide for their families. Furthermore, Pearl believes institutions of higher learning must be held accountable for escalating tuition rates with diminishing workplace opportunities.

Pearl believes access to healthcare is a fundamental right. No American should ever be denied the medical treatment they need. The Affordable Care Act is broken because it put bureaucrats in charge of healthcare instead of patients and doctors.  Pearl wants to ensure everyone in our community can get affordable, good health insurance by putting each state in charge of covering its residents. The landmark Children’s Health Insurance Program started here in Pennsylvania as a model for the country, proves that local decisions can keep people healthy and covered. 


Our seniors did right by us, Pearl believes we must do right by them. Pearl will not support any cuts to Medicare or Social Security for current beneficiaries. To keep both programs working, Pearl wants to keep our economy growing to fuel the benefits our retirees deserve. She can be counted on to protect Medicare, increase choices and make sure bureaucrats are never put in between doctors and seniors. She will never support raiding Social Security funds. 


Our community is home to several facilities that power our nation’s success. Pearl will fight for an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy policy that gives American workers the fuel they need to succeed while providing the prosperity American families deserve. Pearl knows that we can have both abundant energy and a healthy environment. 


Pearl believes free trade means fair trade. Local families work too hard to have their effort undercut by unfair trade agreements. Every trade agreement should put a priority on our families. Any country breaking the rules should be held accountable. Pearl will be on our side, ensuring that jobs are protected and local companies grow.
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