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Scott Wagner
for Governor
Jeff Bartos
for Lt. Governor
Meet Scott Wagner

Once a farm boy, now a successful businessman, State Senator and candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania.

What could someone who grew up shoveling horse manure, who chose work over college, possibly do for the state of Pennsylvania? It's a question perhaps best answered by the families that have benefited from the thousands of good paying jobs he's created, or the recipients of the more than one million paychecks he's issued. Or perhaps it's a question best answered by the untold numbers of individuals and organizations which have benefited from his great compassion and generosity.

Scott credits his relentless work ethic to growing up on a family farm, and to his hard-working parents who insisted on the importance of showing up and being counted on. He credits his business success to this as well - and also to what he describes as "a persistent desire to execute on his ideas." Even as a school student Scott would anxiously watch the classroom clock, waiting on the bell that would release him back to the farm or to his uncle’s construction business, where he worked to earn money. And while Scott is a staunch advocate of education, for him a year in a college classroom was enough. A restless and fearless Scott Wagner was too anxious to get out into the business world and test his ability to meet the challenges associated with taking vision from concept to reality - a challenge he embraced by starting his first business enterprise at 19 years old.

40 years later, a straight talkin', trashhaulin' Scott Wagner is owner of several successful enterprises , including Penn Waste, one of the largest and most innovative (and cleanest) recycling plants in the nation. It's one of several successful businesses Scott conceived and built from scratch, starting with vision and ambition and carving it out with unyielding determination. And Scott did whatever it took. He drove the trucks. He was the mechanic, the bookkeeper and the salesman. He even cleaned the restrooms, and successfully steered his businesses through several tough recessions. Scott says he's been able to succeed because he's always been that person who sees what needs to be done, and he does it, another lesson he credits to the family farm.

In 2013, Scott took Harrisburg by storm with his historic Senate campaign. In a word, Scott Wagner is a "doer." He's a man of action, which is why when Scott got fed up with the broken system in Harrisburg, he set out on a mission to get inside the legislature and do the work that needed to be done. In 2013, he launched an unprecedented Senate campaign, and made Pennsylvania history when he won the first ever legislative seat, as a write-in candidate. Thousands wrote in Scott's name because they wanted a change maker -- and they got one. And that was just the beginning...

From day one, it was clear that Scott was on our side. It was also clear that Scott's agenda had little to do with passing more laws and everything to do with changing the culture. Scott Wagner was a man on a mission. He asked the questions no one else was asking - about protecting taxpayers, government spending, management and accountability. And when Scott recruited the first veto-proof majority in the Senate since 1949, people began to notice that Scott was carrying out an exciting mission. When it became clear that Scott was a man of action who would fight for them, many insisted that Scott Wagner should run for governor - and they would get their wish. After just a few years as a state senator, Scott understood that the work that needed to be done could not be accomplished by one senator, but it could be accomplished by one governor - a governor who is a doer. in January of 2017, Scott announced his candidacy for governor.

Scott and his wife Tracy live in York, Pennsylvania. Scott is a lifelong resident of York County, Pennsylvania. He and his wife Tracy have four children. An entrepreneur as well, Tracy previously owned and operated a trucking company that specialized in the transport and sales of aggregate materials. Today, her primary focus is family, but Tracy also spends time on her passion for interior design by buying and restoring properties - and, like Scott, she's involved in every aspect of the business.

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Scott Wagner is ready to take out the trash in Harrisburg
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Scott Wagner introduces Jeff Bartos for Lt. Governor
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Scott Wagner speaks about education funding in Pennsylvania
The Wagner-Bartos Plan for Pennsylvania

Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos know that Pennsylvania has the potential to be a major economic powerhouse. Governor Wolf has not implemented any economic policies or plans leading to growth for Pennsylvania, and we are currently lagging behind the national economy and the economies of our neighboring states. Scott and Jeff will be the leaders Pennsylvania needs to ensure our great Commonwealth’s economy is empowered. A summary of their plan is presented below, but you can read the full plan here.
Pennsylvanians and our businesses are being weighed down by the overabundance of regulations our agencies and local governments have placed on them. Scott and Jeff will eliminate unnecessary regulatory burdens, ending an overly complex system and ensuring that the regulations that do exist are necessary and effective.

Tom Wolf has consistently tried to implement a tax and spend agenda which would stall potential economic growth. Scott and Jeff will work to implement tax policies which will encourage new business growth and support the businesses that have already invested in Pennsylvania.

Harrisburg and our local governments should not be an obstacle on the path to growing our economy, they should be facilitating and harnessing every opportunity for expansion. Scott and Jeff will provide the strong leadership necessary to remove this obstacle and successfully lead us on a path to a powerful economy.
In order to advance job creation, we must encourage economic growth opportunities. While Tom Wolf has failed to market Pennsylvania and grow potential opportunities, Scott and Jeff will work tirelessly to promote Pennsylvania and take advantage of every opportunity for growth.

Scott and Jeff know that an educated and well trained workforce is fundamental to supporting and growing Pennsylvania’s economy. They will provide the necessary investment to train our future workers and retrain our aging workers, delivering a skilled workforce capable of supporting any and all economic growth.

Scott and Jeff will advance an infrastructure plan guaranteeing the development necessary to support industry. From energy, transportation, agriculture and manufacturing, Pennsylvania can achieve maximum growth when robust infrastructure is available for our businesses and residents.
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Scott has a plan to turn Philadelphia and all the struggling cities in Pennsylvania around, and he looks forward to working with everyone who will help him accomplish that agenda.
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