Candidates Solicited for IAWMH

President-elect and Secretary

Dear IAWMH Member:

On behalf of the Nominations Committee, I am pleased to inform you that nominations are now being solicited for the IAWMH Executive Committee for the period of 2022-2024.

The following posts are open for nominations:

  • President-elect (Vice President for 2022-2025, who will become President for 2025-2027)
  • Secretary (2022-2025)

We will accept both nominations from colleagues as well as members who would like to nominate themselves for office.

Please send your nominations for the posts of President elect (Vice President) and Secretary for the 2022-2025 period no later than April 5 to info@iawmh.org.

Nominations submitted must include for each candidate:

  • Full name and affiliation
  • Photo (headshot) of candidate
  • Experience with IAWMH (attended Congresses, presenter, etc.)
  • Brief summary (one page maximum) of their resume
  • Statement on why they want to serve in an elected position and what they would like to accomplish in that position
  • Nominated by candidate or colleague (name, affiliation)

These will be shared with membership prior to the election.

Per the IAWMH bylaws an electronic vote will be held prior to the 9th World Congress on Women’s Mental Health in Maastricht, The Netherlands in November. Only members who are up to date in their membership fees will be eligible to vote. Likewise, candidates must be active members.

We are looking forward to your nominations.