Sunday, January 31, 2021:
The Presentation of Our Lord


Here are the readings for this Sunday:

Presentation in the Temple
(see Anna - with scroll, Joseph - with birds, Mary, Baby Jesus, and Simeon)
Here's what we're wondering about:

A celebration since around 4AD (!), with the blessing of the candles used throughout the next year, and a procession to honor The Presentation of Our Lord, 40 days after Christmas (February 2).

I wonder what you think about the light of candles,
and the life of Jesus, the "light of the world"?

The Presentation of Our Lord
Luke 2:22-40
These Bible verses tell three big stories:

1) Jesus' parents, Mary and Joseph, do what is expected of them as a Jewish family, by bringing their baby to the temple, along with a pair of birds as a sacrifice;

2) the elderly Simeon, who once heard the Holy Spirit make him a promise: he would not die until he had seen the Messiah, Jesus - and on this day, he meets him!

3) the 84-year-old prophet Anna, who lived in the temple, spending all her days and all her nights in worship - she knew Who she saw that day, and proclaimed it to all.
Click here to hear some of this story and the beautiful Nunc Dimittis, the song we say or sing using Simeon's words. And what do you think about the photos?
Dom Georges Sajet, 1963
Wellington, New Zealand 
See these interpretations of The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. How would you choose to show and/or tell this story?
Cornelis de Vos, 1620  
Candle crafts for Candlemas
(and other days)!

Isn't this pretty? It uses glue and tissue paper - any colors and designs you choose (lmk if you need some paper!).

Do you (finally) have toilet paper tubes? Use those or sturdy paper to create these colorful candles - for any holiday!

Here's a printable for coloring, cutting, and creativity: how will you use all these candles? Glue them to a card for a friend? Use them in a procession at home? Hang them over the dining room table like a feast at Hogwarts (lol)?
Here's an old English poem; see if it reminds you of something!

If Candlemas be fair and bright,
Come winter, have another flight.

If Candlemas bring clouds and rain,
Go winter, and come not again.
Does that sound kind of familiar? Yup, our unique secular holiday "Groundhog Day" is related to Candlemas!
Click here - 20 Groundhog Day Books!
What would you choose?
For winter to STAY ("have another flight"), or for winter to GO! - and
"come not again"? Email me your vote!
The season of Epiphany!
This is Week 4

We look all around us for the signs of God's love. We see stars, we watch the weather, we remember promises and marvel at miracles, and we do our best, through all the seasons of our lives, to rejoice - always!

Love - Linda