June 2019 | Issue 90
Candor is Like a Screwdriver with a Twist

According to Gallup, Inc., do you know the number one leadership behavior that affects morale and productivity the most? It’s not attitude. It’s not collaboration. It’s a lack of feedback. Providing candid feedback is an art, not a science. It takes some degree of finesse…but also common sense.

Candor is like a screwdriver—an incredibly useful tool that often involves a twist. When used in the right manner, it can help you construct and deconstruct any number of objects. But to get the benefits, you have to use it correctly. If you try to use a Phillips head screwdriver on one of those screws that looks like a star, it won’t fit.

Similarly, if you demonstrate 100 percent honesty without a common sense filter, the conversation or feedback you are offering is not going to be received very well. Instead of blatant or brazen honesty, slightly rotate your approach and apply candor as a form of sincere expression. In other words, do your best to say the right thing, to the right person, at the right time, for the right reason, and in the right way.

In any given work week, there is at least one conversation you’d rather not have; one conversation that you know won’t go well due to your or the other person’s emotions coming unglued; or one conversation that can overshadow the whole day, week or workplace because of the impact it could have with ongoing relationships. Why not dodge these uncomfortable conversations altogether? What would be the benefit of learning to deal with these situations candidly? Click here to continue reading about this results-focused SIX STEP process!
Image above is an illustration of STEP FOUR.
June 4: Whitefish, MT
HOLY COW! How to Create an Amazing Culture that Steers Passion, Performance & Prosperity
Farm Bureau® Human Resources Conference

June 20: Burlington, MA
LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE: Developing Leaders to Deliver HOLY COW! Results
A.I.M. Mutual Insurance Leadership Event

June 23 - 26: Las Vegas, NV
Candid Conversations that Drive Results AND
Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions to Enhance Performance (both MEGA sessions!)

July 10: Fargo, ND
Embracing the Challenge of Change
Dakota Supply Group - HR Leadership Meeting

July 26-27: Louisville, KY
Mastering Meeting Management AND
Speak w/Persuasive Power & Prof. Presence

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