Canine Angels Service Team Newsletter
Helping special needs children have a better quality of life                                    Spring 2018

Calendar of Events

March 22-June 12
Countdown to Graduation Raffle Ticket Sales  

June 12-22
 Canine Angels Team Training, Grants Pass, OR
June 23
 Canine Angels' 11th Annual Graduation Ceremony at Schmidt Family Vineyard, Grants Pass, OR

 Sponsorships,  Honors 
and Memorials

Fall Fundraiser
Kathy Bennett
Robert & Sandy Cook
Gary & Cassie Conner
Michael, Debbie & Jon Drennan
Doug & Deanna Fowler
Lois Gates
Robert & Heidi Halsey
Roger & Kathryn Harada
Jonathan & Robin Klein
Mike & Bonnie Lopez
Ronald & Kaye Marchal
Michael & Judith McCaskill
Thomas & Evelyn McFarland
Pamela Petrusha
Rebecca Saltonstall
William & Marci Sarver
James & Sandra Senetar
Frank & Janice Thornquest
Steward Venit
Gundi Younger

Puppy Donations
Joy Gyorgyfalvy, DVM
Starlight Ridge Australian Labradoodles
Signature Labradoodles
Kim LaFlamme of Song Dogs
Ravenwood Farms

In Memory of 
Amy & Dru Thomas
Philip & Melanie Roberts

In Honor of Tom Killinger's Birthday
John & Joanne Asman
Riley, Maureen & Liam Besand
Paul & Georganne Callinan
Jeanne & John Crothers
Rick & Dawn Kennedy
Paul & Carla Kerker
Sharon Knoles
Tom & Cecilia Knoles
Kim & Guy Lockwood
Arleen Pabrazinsky
Mike Schmitt
Tim & Kelly Stack

In Honor of JJ
Claudia Anderson
Susan Byerly
Jerilyn Boyer
David, Sarah & Lucas Cook
Karen Cate
Tobi Coate
Melissa Creswick
Brad Elligood
Mike & Linda Gianelli
Laura Greer
David Hatchett
Tracey Hill
Cecilia & Tom Knoles
Eloisa Kouri
John Lankford
Angelique Mahan
Ken Marshall
Jeanne McDonald
Bridget Murphy
Kimberly & Doug Olbrich
Angela Ontiveras
Marla Pantano
Victoria Powers
Mark Price
Lori Savit
Angie & Gerald Smith
Deborah Turner
Rachelle Vargas
David Wason
Cheryl Williams
Kristi Wysocki

Giving Tuesday Campaign
Shirley Adachi
Anna Amezcua
Cindy Colman
Linda S. Cook
Pat & Carlene Farmer
Kathleen Hayden
Benjamin Long & Karen Nichols
Jamie Putnam
Janelle Saigeon
Corinne Spencer
Rebecca Saltonstall
Stephen & Peggy Spencer
Jerome & Wendy Wald
Karen Weimer

Year End Giving Campaign
Sharon Ann Baum
Carl Berglund
Ed & Maryann Berkowitz
Michael & Leslie Braun
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brown
Lois Carlson
Mark Lipman & Helen Cohen
Craig & Lynn Collins
Cindy Colman
Linda S. Cook
Les & Anne Coyne
Joey & Cathy Davalos
Patrick & Karen Diffley
William & Carmelita Ellis
Lynne Evans
Susan Flett
Giff & Chris Gates
Robert & Barbara Johnst one
Mark Geleibter & Robin Keller
Judy Leavitt
Alan Ledford
Norma Linsky
David & Jennifer Lorenzen
Ronald & Kaye Marchal
Carolyn Marston
Jacqueline Mayes
Michael & Judith McCaskill
Mike & Pam McDevitt
Lewis & Julie Merges
Layne Nakakura
Doug & Kimberly Olbrich
Ron & Rose Parshall
Robert & Meri Phelps
Katie Pellett
Charles Potter
Kellen Prindiville
Lianne Rogers
Barbara Sar ver
Elizabeth Smiley
Tim & Kelly Stack
Milt & Kathleen Taylor
Dave & Elaine Trump
Mrs. George G. Villere
Scott & Christine Weibe
George & Marian Wright
Kisa Young

The Belshaw Family Charitable Foundation
The Renshaw Foundation
The Lowney Family Fund
Gabe & Jen Wolosin
Kisa Young

Other Donations
John & Carol Ahlf
David & Armida Bannon
Cathy Bones
Maureen Campbell
Reeta Gheewala
Bill Hetzel
David Hoy
Tom & Jennifer Killinger
Judith King
Gary & Judith Larson
Denise Lewis
Cecilia Obeso
Caroline Parr
Rebecca Saltonstall
Kyle Schmitz
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Grants Pass, OR 97527
(888) K9-ANGLS
(541) 846-6400
Countdown to Graduation Raffle!

Our annual raffle ticket sales have begun! For just $10, your ticket number will be entered into each of our 10 days of drawings! Winners on the first 9 days will receive a $100 VISA gift card and the Grand Prize winner will receive a $300 gift card! 

Click here to purchase your tickets!

Leadership Team Changes

Hi Canine Angels Friends! 

We are so thankful for your continued support. Together we are all part of such an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many very special children and young adults. 

I have been honored to hold the Executive Director position for 
Canine Angels over the past seven years. I've witnessed countless inspirational stories of those we have helped, and I've been so thankful for the new relationships I've had the opportunity to build over these years. 
I have grown both professionally and personally.  

CAST has grown, too! I'm proud to introduce Kerrie Walters as Canine Angels' new Executive Director. Kerrie has a great passion for our mission. She  has experience with non-profits and grant writing. She has served on our Board of Directors for many years, helping our program improve and secure new sources of support. And as you'll recall, she also  graduated with service dog Snoopy last summer. 

Kerrie, we welcome you to your new position and our team looks forward to the many ways you will help Canine Angels continue to grow!

I will continue with Canine Angels as the Director of Marketing, working on our newsletters, mailing campaigns, social media and special fundraising events. I'd like to thank the John Gogian Family Foundation for sponsoring my extensive marketing training that has helped prepare me for this role.

Take good care,
Kelly Stack
Director of Marketing

Board of Directors Updates

Canine Angels welcomes Jennifer Killinger as our new Board Chairperson. Jennifer lives in Sherman Oaks, CA. She has raised six puppies for Canine Angels and has been involved in many areas of our program, with an emphasis on fundraising. Thank you, Jenn ifer!

Christine Amor is a Special Education Resource Teacher in Peoria, AZ. She has been a fan and supporter of Canine Angels since it was founded. She's started working with a facility dog over a decade ago with great success. Christine is also a parent of a Canine Angels graduate. She joins our board as our new Secretary. We are glad you've joined our team, Christine!

Nancy Swearingen is from Grants Pass, OR. She has worked with youths in many settings including substituting in special education in schools and as a 4H horse club leader. She enjoyed observing our Team Training last summer and knew she wanted to become more involved and help make a difference for our program and our graduates. We welcome you, Nancy!

Our last new member is Patrick Diffley. 
Patrick is a parent of one of our most recent graduates, and his family lives in Folsom, CA. He has been involved with the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and is looking forward to helping CAST achieve our goals. We are so fortunate to have Patrick on board! 
Welcome to the Pack!

We've recently welcomed the following pups into the Canine Angels training program:

Denahi, an Indian Dog donated by Kim LaFlamme of Song Dog Kennels, is being raised by Angle McDunn of Helena, MT.

Ember, a Labrador Retriever bred by Kim Maddox of Ravenwood Farms, is being raised by Kris & Al Brewer in Helena, MT. Ember was purchased for Canine Angels by donor Diane Kastama. 

Fiona was donated by Labradoodledoo of Portland, OR, and is being raised by Claire Wolber of Grants Pass, OR.

Gigi is a Labradoodle donated by Kami LeMoss of Grants Pass, OR. Gigi is being raised in Pasadena, CA by the Hughes Family.

Hero is a Golden Retriever donated by Joy Gyorgyfalvy, DVM, of Bend, OR. Hero is being raised by Jamie Mays in Grants Pass, OR.
Service Dog Eye Exams

The ACVO/StokesRx National Service Animal Eye Exam event is a philanthropic effort generously provided to the public by participating board certified Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists who donate their time, staff and services to provide complimentary screening eye exams to qualified Service Animals. Over 30,000 animals have received these free screening exams over the past seven years.

Canine Angels asks for all puppy raisers to schedule a free exam for their pups, and we highly encourage all working teams to participate in this program every year. Registration begins April 1st, closes April 30th. Examinations are May 1-31st.

To register and find a participating doctor near you, click here.
An easy way to give to Canine Angels!

BottleDrop is a new system for redeeming bottles and cans in Oregon. With the clean and spacious indoor facilities, friendly and helpful staff, and innovative new BottleDrop Account, these centers make returning deposit containers and collecting your refund fast, clean, and convenient.

Register for an account at your nearest BottleDrop Center and pick up your BottleDrop Account card and bags.
Once registered, you can activate your card online to access your balance or earmark funds for Canine Angels.

Thank you to Bobbie & Sharon of Grants Pass for their efforts in the setup of this program for CAST, and The Murphy Creek Crew for all their generous support in donating to CAST through the Bottle Drop!

Click here for more information on the 36 locations in Oregon. 
Recent Happenings

Racquelle Vellandi, founder of Treats for Charity, has once again gifted Canine Angels with a $1,000 donation! This amazing 16-year-old bakes and sells dog treats and donates all proceeds to help others in need. Racquelle plans to raise $10,000 for Canine Angels and she's more than half way to her goal! 

Thank you, Racquelle!

You can learn more about Treats for Charity and help support this service project here.
The Southern California 
Canine Angels team put  on a service dog  demonstration at  the most recent Abilities Expo in Los Angeles. Our working dogs and pups always attract a great crowd of people interested in obtaining service dogs. Our local ambassador dog, Calypso, showed off her skills in picking up dropped items and delivering them to the lap of our board chair, Jennifer Killinger. Way to go!

Find more information about the Abilities Expo here.

A great big THANK YOU to Legendary Bingo and Edwin Mills restaurant in Pasadena, CA for putting on another fantastic night of bingo to
Happy Birthday, Kerri!
benefit Canine Angels! Legendary Bingo is LA's most popular and longest running weekly charity event, and over the last 17+ years, they have raised more than five million dollars for non-profits. We also got to celebrate the birthday of Canine Angels' Breeding & Puppyraiser Coordinator, Kerri Van Pelt! All attendees had so much fun! Congratulations to the prize winners and thank you to the supporters who came out and made the event a success!