Canine Angels Service Team Newsletter
Helping special needs children have a better quality of life                                Summer  2016

Calendar of Events

June 12-24
 Canine Angels Team Training, Grants Pass, OR

June 18
10am-12pm - Booth: YMCA Sensory Gym, Grants Pass, OR
June 25
 Canine Angels' 9th Annual Graduation Ceremony, 3:00pm, Schmidt Family Vineyard, Grants Pass, OR

July 16
1 0am-12pm - Booth: YMCA Sensory Gym, Grants Pass, OR
October 23
1pm-5pm - 9th Annual Fido Fun Fest at Mason Regional Park, Irvine, CA
Sponsorships, Honors 
and Memorials*

George & Sheila Kolby
in Memory of Winnie

Shirley Adachi
David & Kimberlee Penman
in Memory of Judy Johnstone

Jerri Worrel
in Honor of Sherry Griest

Donna Moore
Tom Knoles & Cecilia Obeso
in Sponsorship of Maks

Lyn Belingheri
Lisa Hughes
Dianne Lynch
in Honor of Lisa's Art Show

Mark & Sondra Aguirre
David Anderson
Joseph & Gina Andrukaitis
Kathy Bennett
Melissa Ann Brizee
Paula Jo Chidichimo
Richard & Gloria Clark
Linda S. Cook
Gary & Jo-Ann Cutshall
Masaki & Kirsten Ebine
Bill & Carmelita Ellis
Eric & Yuhong Frick
Thomasina Gould
Fred & Jean Hall
Judy Heber
Michael & Rosalie Herrera
Henry Isaacs
Kara Karsten
Tom & Jennifer Killinger
Peter & Karen Lockie
Virginia Lynch
Doug & Tina Mayoras
Donna Mays
Mike & Pam McDevit t
Nicholas Milbauer
Sue Mitchell
Jessica Park
Audrey Schaeffer
Dave & Elaine Trump
Ron & Shirley Usher
Irvin & Kathryn Vodovoz
Heide Wilson
Kisa Young
No Show Tea Party Participants

Ginger Adrian
David & Armida Bannon
Rogue Dine & Discover Club
Giff & Chris Gates
Gary Johnson
Judy Leavitt
Barry & Cheryl Shaw
Rachel Valasquez

*Donations received through May 31, 2016
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Countdown to Gradution - Raffle

Canine Angels' fifth annual Countdown to Graduation Raffle 
has officially begun. Get your tickets now! Each raffle ticket 
is  $10 and gives you 10 chances to win between $100 and $300. Proceeds of the raffle are used to maintain the kennels, 
buy dog  toys, dog food and fund team training. 

Daily drawings begin 6/16/16 and end Graduation Day, 6/25/16.  

Tickets can be purchased from any staff or board member or online at the link below.  Those purchasing tickets online will have their raffle ticket numbers emailed to them.  Thank you!


Canine Angels' 9th Annual Graduation Ceremony
Saturday, June 25th at 3:00PM

Schmidt Family Vineyards
330 Kubli Road, Grants Pass, OR 97527

Canine Angels is thrilled to honor our new partnerships created this year. We welcome you to join this inspiring celebration as the graduates and their specially trained assistance dogs embark on their new journeys of independence.
LUCAS & ZUMBA and the rest of the Cooks:
A Graduation Story
Lucas and Zumba
Lucas and Zumba graduated as an Assisted Service Dog Team on June 29, 2013.  This is an easy date to remember not just because of the amazing time our whole family had at Team Training, but because it was also Lucas's seventh birthday.  As I reflect on how much our little boy has changed in the three years since Zumba, or Pistachio as Lucas likes to call him, has come into our lives it's all the little things that seem to matter the most.

Lucas has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, it's a neuromuscular disease, that doesn't allow his body to produce the proteins needed for his muscles to grow.  Lucas has never walked and uses a power chair, which used to be called his "go-go," to get around.  In his chair, Lucas was always pretty independent, but at home when he'd want to play on the floor or in his room things were different.  Lucas was never comfortable having me or his dad out of his line of sight for longer than a minute in case he fell over, or needed to get a toy that was on the other side of the room.  It made cooking dinner, doing laundry, and just grabbing a little peace more than a little difficult.

But now looking at my almost ten-year-old, it's incredible how things have changed.  The first change we discovered right away was how strangers approached Lucas.  Before Zumba, children and sometimes adults would often come up to Lucas and ask him why he was in his "go-go" or worse, "What's wrong with you?" But with Zumba by his side, the questions are always about his dog first, questions which are much easier to answer and given with pride.  At home, Lucas no longer needed me in his eye-line constantly.  I could make a meal and let Lucas do his homework or play, with only an occasional visit from Zumba because Lucas had told him to "Go Find Mom!"  My son is more confident in his own space.  Toys, books, remotes are often retrieved from across the room with a simple, "get it."  Zumba has become his access to after school snacks in the refrigerator and he is a source of comfort after a long day at school or during a trip to a doctor's office.  All those little things that most people take for granted, time to prepare dinner, working in another room while your kid does homework, an undisturbed trip to the bathroom, we get to have those now too.  Thanks to Zumba and Canine Angels!

We are so thankful for what we've received that we wanted to give something back.  So now we are proud puppy raisers.  We have our hands full with our very smart, always curious, and adventurous young Canine Angel, Wish.  We know it will be hard to watch her go on to Advanced Training, but if she can bring the little things back to another family, it will all be worth it.


The Cooks,
Sarah, David, Lucas, and Zumba (Pistachio)

         Lucas and Wish                              Cook Family

Service Dog Eye Exams Completed!

Thank you to ACVO/StokesRx National Service Animal Eye Exam for taking such wonderful care of our Canine Angels Service dogs and puppies in training during their eye exams.

Advanced training dogs had a great time at  Bliss Animal Eye Care, Inc.

Thank you, Legendary Bingo!

Legendary Bingo held it's 6th Bingo party to raise funds for Canine Angels and it was a sold out event! Service Dogs Chesney and Zoe, Puppy-in-Training Maks and Ambassador Dogs Bella and Caly all attended the event. Thank you Legendary Bingo for your continued support, and thank you to Edwin Mills restaurant in Pasadena, Ca for hosting!

Thank You, Pet Nutrition Center!
A very special THANK YOU to Pet Nutrition Center in Carlsbad, CA, for once again supporting Canine Angels as the beneficiary of the store's Anniversary Celebration! The two-day event included the entire store being on sale, a vendor area, food trucks, a live band, and dozens of prizes. Canine Angels Ambassador Dog team Kerri and Bella were also in attendance, and they had a fantastic time. Congratulations on 11 years, PNC!
Thank You, The Hearth!

On April 28, The Hearth presented "Temporary Insanity", a community building event featuring first person story telling at the Bethany Presbyterian Church in Grants Pass, Or. The story tellers had us all spellbound as we listened to their real life experiences involving "temporary insanity." Thanks to Hyla Lipson and Steve Roe, who head up this moving event, for inviting Canine Angels to have a presence and serve as greeters, share about our organization, and receive the proceeds from this fun evening. It was a great opportunity for us to meet more people from our community and share with them the puppy love that only our dogs can give. A few CAST staff members and volunteers, Ambassador Dogs Snoopy and Skylar,and Puppy-in-Training Quincy, all had a grand time "loving" on all those who came through the door. We love being part of the Grants Pass community!!

Emergency Vet Care Fund

We are seeking your support in raising $10,000 to put into a special "Emergency Veterinary Care" fund. This fund will assist puppy raisers when costs for vet care exceed what they can reasonably absorb themselves. Veterinary care that goes beyond the typical vaccinations, spay/neuter, heart worm prevention, etc.

Our puppy raisers are SO amazing and Canine Angels Service Teams couldn't exist without them.  Please help in making these emergency veterinary funds available. Make a "paws"itive difference...donate NOW!

Send your tax deductible donation by mail, or click here to make a secure donation online.