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Apr. 2017  Same Canoe Newsletter  v. 59
  Sustainable Food . Housing . Solar . Health News for April 

NEW for 2017-2018 
Fun Canoe Food Tastings, Recipe Shares and
Cultural Sharing 
Join us for indoor and outdoor events where we learn about valuable uses for the original Polynesian food plants, carefully packed and brought to Hawaii by voyaging canoes to help establish and grow the early settlements. You'll see, learn, touch and taste different foods and medicines, with special features at each event.

April & May Canoe Food Events

Find one near you :
April 22 at Hawi Farmers' Market; April 29 at Waimea Homeschool Fair; May 1 at Kohala High School 'May Day'; May 8 at Kohala Seniors Club; and
May 21st at the Hamakua Harvest Festival.

Updates on Important Projects 
Being Part of the Change We Want to See in the World     
Senator Josh Green and Representative Cindy Evans

Tiny House Momentum Building 

During March, One Island Sustainable Living was actively building strategic alliances in many sectors to pave the way for affordable housing solutions - starting with Tiny Houses.

State HB2 'Tiny Houses on Farms' legislation should move forward to a Senate vote in the first half of April, having so far passed two House committee votes and a full House vote. Thanks to the County Council Resolution in unanimous support of HB2, and Cindy Evan's guiding leadership, the Bill made it through the dual Senate committees. We are optimistic that the time is right for Senate and Governor approval.

Please submit testimony this week!

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One Island recently spent time in Hilo meeting with Mayor Harry Kim, his administration leaders, the Director of Planning, County Counsel, and a team from Housing and Development. The discussions covered effective ways to not only bring tiny houses to our island as approved dwellings on farms, but to also take a deeper view of our affordable housing crisis, the homeless, and working families at-risk.

"Little Houses on the Island"
is a goal approved by Mayor Harry Kim and his team as one of the smart solutions to the affordable housing crisis.

Hawaii Island Housing Summit - Fall 2017
As a result of meetings with local government, One Island has stepped forward to host a Housing Summit that will bring together thought leaders, designers and manufacturers for: affordable housing, green building materials, tiny houses, land use and community planning, community housing land trusts, and pilot village clusters. Watch for news on this important event.

Tiny House Innovation Challenge - Summer 2017, to be showcased at Housing Summit 
In June, One Island will host its second Innovation Challenge, this time focused on tiny house designs under 500 square feet. We'll have judges selecting the best designs in several categories, the best built examples in different price ranges, and will announce the contest rules next month.

Advantages of 'Little House on the Island' Construction and Lifestyle Choice 
By lowering the cost to build a home, and using less materials, the cost of a mortgage is lowered and can free up resources to live a 'bigger' more fulfilling life. The Millenials are on to something that modern designers recognize, other cultures practice, and early Hawaiians have long understood- less CAN be more!

Build Small - Live Big!

Helping our most vulnerable communities
Miloli'i Village Solar Project

In a remote corner of the island, a small Native Hawaiian fishing village has been living a simple life but facing inordinately high costs. With out electricity or potable water, the residents of Miloli'i have faced high gas generator fuel costs, high drinking water costs, many live with out refrigeration, and all face dangers to health and safety.

solar fridges
Solar DC fridge/freezers granted for the Charter School and Community Center

Powering Up the Village
In 2012, One Island brought the first solar electricity to power their community center, and the first solar powered refrigeration. We have also brought in experts to help assess their damaged water system.

This year in 2017, we are honored to have been funded by the USDA as the community partner who will help power over 36 homes, bring solar refrigeration to any qualified home, and will be testing solar water distillation technologies to help the households make their own drinking water rather than rely on cases upon cases of bottled water. 

Youth from the village charter school will be helping homeowners examine their electrical use, look for ways to decrease electric demand by learning new efficiencies, and will assist the applicants in preparing their grant proposals.


The Future of Health in Kohala Roundtable on March 13th 
was a success.
We have begun the planning steps to develop a new Wellness Center Campus in North Kohala that will offer Western and Integrative Medicine through non-profit health care providers and private practitioners. We envision this campus as a convergence for the 'Food is Good Medicine' dialogue and are considering options to include a healthy foods kitchen, demonstration gardens, community meeting rooms, and Tiny House-style accommodations for visiting practitioners and clients. The program will also link clients to farm-based wellness retreats in North Kohala and offer on-farm wellness tours. See article in March issue of Kohala Mountain News, page 4, for the first in a series about Kohala Health.
"Living Longer. Better."

Thanks to Kohala Hospital, Hamakua-Kohala Health, Hawaii Blue Zones, North Hawaii Hospice, and Ardolf & Assoc. ND for participating
and the North Kohala Public Library for hosting. 
Real Food . Real Farms

We are Raising Funds 
for a local food / farm stand bus 

Let Your State Senators know you SUPPORT Tiny Houses on Farms for Hawaii Island.
Final Vote is Soon
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Every Voice Counts

Canoe Plants
for Food and Medicine

Breadfruit - 'Ulu
There are hundreds of varieties of breadfruit and over 2,000 documented names. A mature tree can produce 500 pounds of fruit a year. 'Ulu is an excellent source of fiber, good source of vitamin C, high in potassium for nervous system/muscle function, and blood pressure regulation. Provides calcium for strong bones and teeth.

Banana - Mai'a

  Bananas are actually a grass! A recent book describes 140 living banana varieties in Hawaii. Until the early 1800's, most varieties were kapu (forbidden) for Hawaiian women to eat. 

Mai'a are a good source of potassium, which helps keep bones strong and aids in nervous system regulation, keeping us alert and focused. The prebiotic fiber in bananas helps to keep our immune system strong by stimulating "good" bacteria
in the gut. 

Sweet Potato - 'Uala
'Uala is associated with the Hawaiian god Kamapua'a. Hawai'ians developed and cultivated about 200 varieties of 'uala. Today, only about
24 types remain.

You can eat the whole plant! Stems, leaves, shoots and tubers.
Roasted, steamed or baked, purple, white or orange, 'uala offer many health benefits - vitamins, minerals and are low on the glycemic index (release their natural sugars slowly).


Taro - Kalo

Kalo is considered the elder sibling (known by the name of Haloa) of Native Hawaiians and is the most important and revered food plant of the Hawaiian culture. It is believed to have the greatest life force of all foods.

It is estimated that kalo production at its peak covered more than 20,000 acres over six islands.Today, only about 400 acres are in production.There were once up to 400 varieties of kalo in Hawai'i. Today, only 87 recognized varieties remain.

Green is a Verb -  
Eat it!

Same Canoe Recipe Contest

Got a great breadfruit, taro, sweet potato, banana, coconut, kukui, turmeric or noni recipe?

    Food and medicinal plant recipes welcomed.

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