Welcome to the 2021 season at the ACA Camp!
It’s been a tough year for all of us, and I know the camp helped a lot of folks get through it a bit better last season. Visiting the camp was a way to finally get out of the house after months of being cooped up and isolated. With everything else closed, getting outside was the only way to have fun and get exercise. And you could be distant but also sort of with other people, less worried about being too close. I was so glad new people found us and we could help make life brighter. 
We’re opening on Saturday, May 1st, with all the precautions we're now so used to, of staying distant and keeping our masks on when we’re close or indoors. Opening weekend is just around the corner and I can hardly wait! 
We’ll hold an opening weekend work day or two – but the date is up in the air, so keep watching your inbox for an announcement and a list of jobs you can sign up for. Volunteers are what keep our camp running! 
I can’t wait to see you all again – come say hi at cabin 525 up the top of the hill  :)

Camp Director,
Beth Bloedow

 ACA Membership Policy 

If you plan to bring friends into camp with you this season, keep in mind the camp’s ACA membership policy which is in place due to Covid-19: 

▪ This season, we will not allow any guests in camp. In other words, everyone who visits camp must be an ACA member. 

If you are not already an ACA member you will be required to join the ACA on the spot as soon as you visit camp for the first time. The Camp Director, Beth Bloedow, can help you join online. Come find her at cabin 525, up the top of the hill.

▪ If you are a brand-new ACA member, we will give you a free day at camp as a thank you. You won’t need to pay the daily fee on the day you join the ACA. 

▪ To renew or join the ACA click here 

• To get a Season Pass click here

Lifeguards Wanted

From 11 to 7 every day. 

$15/hour for your first year.
Red Cross Waterfront certification required in addition to Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED. 

 ACA Class Cup

CONGRATULATIONS to Lake Sebago’s long time canoe sailor Joanie Krilla for coming home from the 2020 Canoe Sailing Nationals with the ACA CLASS CUP! She took first place in the first two races and 2nd in the last to make her the winner of the NATIONAL ACA CLASS Cup for the first time! Mia Barker and Minh Nguyen also competed this year, each winning a race in the C Class Category. Tom Uebel would have been proud of Sebago’s own canoe sailors! 
Calling all volunteers for opening weekend:
May 1st & 2nd, additional dates to be announced

The Buildings & Grounds Committee needs help with:
- Clearing and raking paths
- Covering paths with wood chips
- Repairing concrete and wooden steps
- cleaning up litter from the winter

Please contact Jeremy Katz for an assignment or see Jeremy in the main parking lot between 9-9:30 on Sat/Sun. 

The Camp Director needs help with:
- Surveying the swim area and no swimming stencils to let us know what needs to be repainted.
- Painting and refreshing dock and no swimming stencils. 
- Installing speed bumps.
- Checking that all road signs are in good shape and facing the correct direction. 
- Cutting and gluing a bulletin board corkboard.
- Putting out swim docks. 
- Putting out swim ropes.
- Assisting the Waterfront Chair with setting up boat docks.
- Setting up the pavilion.
- Emptying boats from the pavilion.
- Handing out fire extinguishers.
- Removing a hand sanitizer dispenser at the swim dock.

 Thank you 

Camp Committee meetings

Everyone is invited to attend our Zoom Camp Committee meetings, which are held at 7pm on the third Wednesday of every month.

May 19th
June 16th
July 21st
August 18th
September 15th
October 20th

A new meeting link will be sent by email prior to each meeting.
ACA Atlantic Division
Sailing Schedule 2021
ACA Camp, Lake Sebago, NY

“Free Sail” Saturday, June 26 10am – 4pm
(Note: IF Covid restrictions allow 2 to a boat)
Experienced sailors will have their boats rigged and ready to take those interested in sailing out on the water. Learn the techniques of cruising class sailing, using a paddle instead of a rudder. (Sponsored by Sheepshead Canoe Club)

Lady Bug Trophy –Divisional Cruising Class Championships
Saturday, July 3 10am and 2pm *(See Note Below)
Sunday, July 4 11am

ADK Trophy - Cruising Class - Two sailors to a boat
(Note: IF Covid restrictions allow 2 to a boat)
Saturday, July 10 10am and 2pm *(See Note Below)
Sunday, July 11 11am

"Free Sail" Saturday July 17 10am-4pm
(Note: IF Covid restrictions allow 2 to a boat)
Experienced sailors will have their boats rigged and ready to take those interested in sailing out on the water. Learn the techniques of cruising class sailing, using a paddle instead of a rudder. (Sponsored by Sheepshead Canoe Club)
Sebago Series Race #1 - Cruising Class
Saturday, July 24 11 am
(Sponsored by Sheepshead Canoe Club) 

Sebago Series Race #2 - Cruising
Saturday, July 31 11am
(Sponsored by Sheepshead Canoe Club) 

Sebago Series Race #3 - Cruising
Saturday, August 7 11am
(Sponsored by Sheepshead Canoe Club) 
Divisional Championships
C Class (5 meter)
Saturday, August 14 10am (first race- others to follow)
ACA Class
Sunday, August 15 10am (first race- others to follow)

John Komp Trophy - Cruising Class
Saturday, August 21 10am and 2pm *(See Note Below)
Sunday, August 22 11am

Sailors Take Note: C-Class and ACA Class Nationals – Union Lake
Saturday, August 28
Sunday, August 29

Wilkinson Trophy - National Cruising Class Championships
Saturday, September 4 10am and 2pm *(See Note Below)
Sunday, September 5 11am

Kay Ryan Memorial Trophy- Ladies
Monday, September 6 10am (first race- others to follow)
*Note: If the first race takes less than one hour, the races will be run one after the other in the morning, with no race in the afternoon.

Rescue Boats sponsored by Empire Canoe Club

Contacts for more information:
Joanie Krilla 201-669-9994
Sherrie Winkworth at swinkworth@verizon.net or 973-252-3484 

ACA Rental Cabins at Lake Sebago

Four rustic cabins and a primitive ground tent site are available for ACA members’ use for up to three continuous weeks in the division camp at Lake Sebago in Harriman State Park. The rental season is from May 1 through October 15, 2021. Rentals can be booked through our online booking system which will allow you to see what the availability is for all of our rentals and to book online. For more information click on the link below.

 Introduction to the Biology and Water Quality of Lake Sebago

Date: Saturday, May 22, 2021 OR Saturday, June 26, 2021 
(Please specify which session you’d like to attend!) 
Time: 1-5 pm (4 hours) 

REGISTRATION: Please send an email with the name(s) of participants. For anyone under 18, please let us know how old they are. 
E-mail: Bernie_Chowdhury@yahoo.com or acacampcommittee@gmail.com 
You will receive a confirmation email. 
Instructor Bios: 
Dr. Haque is the Director of the Microbial Biodiversity project, an international effort involving research into both marine and land-based organisms that may ultimately be useful in the development of new medications and cures for various illnesses. Nasreen has over 23 years of teaching and research experience in molecular and cellular biology. She first got involved with marine research in 1989 and participated in a fish biodiversity expedition to India's Laccadive Islands while on the faculty of the National Institute of Oceanography in Goa, India. She continued similar work at India's prestigious National Institute of Immunology where she was among the first scientists to conduct research on transgenic fish using recombinant DNA technology. Her discoveries in New York's Gowanus Canal show promise for possible development into new medication and have attracted media attention in television news stories and in newspaper articles, including The New York Times. She has developed the program "The Science of Underwater Exploration" for The World Science Festival, held each year at New York University, NY, NY. Dr. Haque is currently an Associate Professor at New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY. 
Bernie Chowdhury has participated in scientific/research diving on three continents and is a member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS). He is best known for his critically acclaimed, international top-selling book, THE LAST DIVE, (non-fiction, HarperCollins, 2000) which has been published in eleven languages, an audio version and as an e-book; it is now in its 20th year in print. Bernie has been a diving instructor since 1988 and holds instructor ratings with the following agencies: DAN, PADI, NAUI, SDI, TDI. Bernie has been the publisher and/or editor of several diving magazines and is widely published. He is a popular and engaging speaker who has presented at dive shows, shops and clubs throughout the U.S., and in nine countries. Bernie has worn many hats during his 36 years in diving, including: recreational and technical instructor, expedition organizer, industry consultant, and documentary (co-) producer, to name a few. Bernie has been a Fellow of the Explorers Club since 1995 and has carried the Club Flag on two expeditions. He has led and/or participated in ground-breaking expeditions in both wreck and cave diving. He was a board-certified hyperbaric medical technologist (CHT) from 2004-2019 and worked in several capacities in the hyperbaric medical field, including holding the position of Course Training Director and faculty member for the advanced wound care, hyperbaric medicine and life safety engineering conglomerate Life Support Technologies group, Tarrytown, NY. Bernie was named Beneath the Sea's 2001 Diver of the Year for Education. In 2019, the New York State Marine Education Association presented Bernie with the “Gene Ritter Aquatic Education Award for extraordinary service to education”. 
ACA Camp SB-2 Rules 2021 Season

1. Welcome
• ACA Camp SB-2 on Lake Sebago, Harriman State Park, is unique in offering ACA members an opportunity to engage in paddle sport in a setting rich in both natural and manmade resources. We encourage you to visit and use the facilities. While members and guests do use the camp at their own risk, certain agreed-upon rules and regulations will promote and enhance the well-being of anyone visiting the camp.
• Therefore, to a) encourage paddle sport, b) enhance and promote the safety, well-being and enjoyment of each individual in the use of the camp, c) preserve and protect the camp’s natural and manmade resources for current and future generations, and d) comply with applicable federal, state and local regulations, the Camp Committee of the Atlantic Division of the American Canoe Association hereby establishes the following rules and regulations to govern the conduct of ACA members and guests during their stay at ACA Camp SB2.

2. Camp Director
• The camp director is a ready source of information and assistance for members and guests. The Camp Committee is pleased to have as this season’s camp director Beth Bloedow. Her cabin is 525 and is located up the hill from the main parking lot.
• The camp director supervises on all camp matters. The camp director approves all camp events, programs, races and group activities. Anyone wishing to hold an event, program, race or group activity at the camp must obtain permission from the camp director by applying one month in advance.

3. Season
• ACA Camp SB2’s season extends from May 1st through October 15th of each year. Boating is not allowed in the off-season.
• Anyone on camp property during the off-season without prior permission is trespassing. State Park Police will remove and may fine such individuals. Members may also lose camp privileges.

4. Members and New Visitors
• Any ACA member in good standing may use the camp, subject to the camp rules and fees. • Children age 9 and under do not need to join the ACA to visit camp.
• Only ACA members will be allowed in camp this season. All visitors and guests must join the ACA immediately upon entering camp. See the camp director for assistance with joining the ACA. • All new ACA members (anyone who has never had an ACA membership before) will get their daily fee waived the first day in camp. • Prior ACA members may not be considered new members. • Members are responsible for their visitors’ behavior. Members wishing to bring more than six new members must obtain prior permission from the camp director.
• The camp accepts no responsibility for supervision of minors. Any individual thirteen and under must be always accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult. • New visitors entering camp without an ACA host member must first see the camp director. 2/2021
• Pets are not allowed in camp. Service dogs are allowed. We follow the ADA’s definition of service dog, under titles II and III of the ADA. Emotional-support animals are not allowed. Please see the camp director for any questions.

5. Entrance Procedures
• ACA members are responsible for bringing their membership cards, in physical or digital form.
• Entrance to the camp is via the cable gate located on Seven Lakes Drive. The cable gate must always be kept locked.
• Immediately upon arrival everyone must sign in at the pavilion or a parking lot.
• Each season everyone must have a current signed waiver on file with the ACA and with the camp.
• Every member, including all minors age 10 and older, must have a signed waiver on file with the ACA.
• Daily use fees are charged for the May 1st through October 15th camp season.
• Fees must be paid upon arrival, unless the member has already purchased a season pass.
• Anyone renting a facility needs to have the daily/guest fees or season pass paid in advance. The consequence for not paying in advance is cancellation of reservation.
• Fees should be placed in the envelope provided and placed in the box located at the parking lot or at the camp director’s cabin, unless otherwise instructed by the camp director.
• You must provide all fee envelope information so the fee may be properly processed.
• Anyone staying overnight must sign in each morning at the pavilion or at one of the parking lots so that an accurate daily camp census is maintained, per PIPC regulations.
• The camp director or designee is available to assist members and guests with filling out registration information, paying daily use fees, obtaining season passes, filling out waivers, and filling out ACA membership applications.

6. Enjoying and Preserving the Camp’s Resources
• Fires are only permitted in pre-approved fireplaces or on camping stoves. A responsible adult must always attend to the fire. Sand or water should be kept near approved fireplaces for extinguishing fires. Ground fires are prohibited.
• Fishing is permitted except from the swimming dock. Fishing is subject to the regulations of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.
• Individuals are responsible for throwing out their trash in the green dumpster located in the main parking area. Littering is prohibited.
• Dish washing at the lake or latrine is prohibited.
• Disturbing animal or plant life is prohibited. Cutting down any vegetation is prohibited. Changes to docks, paths, roads, parking areas, buildings, or any facility are prohibited without prior written permission from the camp committee.
• Members and guests should respect the rights and privacy of others and shall maintain quiet between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am.

7. Overnight Stay
• Those wishing to stay overnight must use an assigned cabin, tent platform or the designated camping area. This is arranged through the Rental Cabins Committee or by permission of the camp director.
• Cabin rental overnight attendees, who are not season pass holders, arriving into camp after 6 pm will have their daily fee for that day waived. 2/2021
• Overnight sleeping is prohibited in cars, vehicles or any public facilities or rooms. Overnight sleeping on any dock is prohibited.

8. Boating Regulations
• The camp does not supply boats or equipment.
• Clubs and members may bring their own boats and boating equipment to camp, subject to camp rules and regulations.
• Boats are to be stored above ground on assigned racks as designated by the camp director.
• All boats stored in camp must have an “ACA” insignia or “ACA SB2” in three-inch high letters affixed to the exterior.
• There must be one PFD in the boat for each person in the boat. Any individual under the age of sixteen must wear a PFD while in any boat.
• Any individual age of thirteen or under near the waterfront or on any dock other than the swim dock must be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult.
• Docks must be kept free of boats, paddles, and personal property except when launching or recovering boats.
• Launching or recovering boats is only allowed from an ACA camp dock. Boats are not to be fastened to or placed upon the swimming float. Boats may be launched from any dock except the main swimming area, with one exception: handicapped individuals may secure their boats to the swimming dock while swimming, with the prior approval of the camp director. Otherwise, boats are prohibited from the swimming area.
• Wind surfing is prohibited.
• Boating after dark is prohibited.
• Gasoline engines are prohibited.

9. Swimming Regulations
• Swimming is only permitted during supervised swim periods. Supervised swim periods are supervised by either a) a certified lifeguard or b) two responsible adults, one of whom must remain on the swim dock to monitor water activities. The supervising adults must be obeyed.
• Minors (under 18) must be always supervised by a parent or guardian.
• Swimming is only allowed in the designated swimming area or in the crib area. Diving is only allowed from the float or the end of the swimming dock.
• Members and guests must exercise care in and around the swimming dock. Running and horseplay are not allowed.
• Children less than eighteen years of age must, without exception, pass a deep-water swimming test before they will be allowed in the deep water. The swimming test is given by the lifeguard on duty. Children who successfully complete the swimming test will have their names recorded in the swim book.
• The use of PFDs, the use of inflatable water devices including tubes, rafts or inflatable swimming aids, and the use of skin-diving equipment including masks, fins and snorkels are prohibited. Swim goggles are permitted.
• Swimming alone or at night is prohibited.
• Swimming is not allowed from any boat.
• Fishing and boating are not permitted from the main swimming dock.
• Food, beverages, soap, and shampoo are not permitted near the swimming dock. 2/2021
• Failure to follow the swimming regulations may result in penalties including loss of swimming privileges or suspension of camp privileges.

10. Vehicles
• Vehicles must obey the posted five-mile-an-hour speed limit.
• Vehicles may only be parked in designated parking areas. Your vehicle must be parked completely off the blacktop road when in camp.
• Boat trailers may be stored in an area designated by the camp director. Mobile campers are only permitted with the advance permission of the camp director.
• Any boat trailer, mobile camper, commercial vehicle coming into camp must have a road permit obtained from the PIPC. Camp Director has the needed paperwork.
• The camp director has the authority to direct traffic and parking as needed for the good of the camp.

11. Prohibited Activities
• Hunting and the carrying of firearms, air guns, slingshots, bows and arrows, or harpoon-type equipment are not allowed.
• ACA camp visitors are not allowed to enter the grounds or swimming areas of neighboring camps.
• Bicycles, roller skates, rollerblades and skateboards may not be used at the pavilion. Bicycling is allowed in other areas provided that the bike operator and any passenger are wearing helmets.

12. Penalties
• Infractions of rules may result in suspension of camp privileges by the camp director and fines and/or arrest by the Park Police.
COVID-Aware 2021 Season Rules
for the ACA Camp at Lake Sebago

These are guidelines adopted by the Camp Committee for use of the ACA Camp at Lake Sebago. We are not assuring you that the camp is safe. Each member is to make his or her own determination whether the use of camp is safe, and if you wish to visit. The Camp at Lake Sebago will be open for ACA members only, and no guests are permitted until conditions improve. Children under 10 years of age need not be ACA members if accompanied by a parent or guardian the child lives with. These guidelines are in effect based on our current knowledge of the situation. We will change them as circumstances and guidance from outside organizations change.

1. Remember: stay home if you feel sick or have been sick within the previous 10 days.

2. Members should maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from one another (the “social distancing” requirement,) except for those who live in a common household, whether indoors or outside. Any time that an individual must come within 6 feet of another person, acceptable face coverings are required to be worn. 3. Picnic tables around camp and tables in the Pavilion may only be shared by members of the same household; and you must wipe them with disinfectant after you use them. 4. Only swimming will be allowed in the swim area; no sunbathing or lounging is permitted. The number of people in the swim area at one time will be limited to the amount that can safely socially distance; at the discretion of the lifeguard(s). When no lifeguard(s) are on duty, the swim area is limited to 4 individuals or one household at a time. During busy times, at the discretion of the lifeguard(s), there will be a limit of ½ hour for remaining in the swim area. The lifeguard(s) will manage the number of people and time limit.

5. One boat at a time may launch from the boat-launching docks. Maintain a 6-foot distance from others on the docks. No lounging or sunbathing is permitted on the docks for launching boats.

6. No guests who are not ACA members will be allowed in camp at the present time, except for children under 10 years old as noted above. Those not members of the ACA may enter the camp for the purpose of immediately joining the ACA.

7. Events, both on land or on water, will be allowed this season, but limited to no more than 25 persons who are ACA members for events on water or events outside, including the open areas of the Pavilion. Instructional classes conducted by ACA-certified instructors may include up to 25 individuals in the class, including the instructors. All on-water racing events including more than 25 participants will be conducted in separately timed heats. All indoor events are limited to 10 persons including the organizers. Such events may be promoted or advertised provided the promotion states the event is limited to 25 or 10 persons, as the case may be. All events on land shall require social distancing rules be honored and all participants in events on land must wear face coverings.

8. No gatherings of more than 25 people are allowed in camp. 9. Shared equipment must be cleaned and sanitized after use, and between each user.

10. Bathroom rules: a. One person at a time will be allowed in each gender-specific area of the bathrooms. b. Wash your hands frequently throughout the day. c. Masks must be worn when in the bathroom, except for showering. d. Wipe down all surfaces touched, using the disinfectant spray or disinfectant wipes provided. e. A commercial cleaning service will be engaged before and after each weekend to thoroughly clean and disinfect the bathrooms.