Bishop Gutierrez has returned to the Offices of the Diocese from his pilgrimage with ideas, challenges to be addressed and with the message of hope from the clergy and laity. In short, there is deep faith in the transformative message of Jesus Christ among the clergy and laity of the Diocese. The pilgrimage is just the first step in serving you. It is important the staff go out into the fields and be among you as well.

Thus, the Canons to the Ordinary will be developing a Sunday schedule to visit parishes in the Diocese. Their visits will continue the work of Bishop Gutierrez's pilgrimages. They will be in our congregations to serve, to listen, and to participate in worship by preaching and celebrating the Eucharist. All of our congregations can expect to be contacted by the offices of the Diocese of Pennsylvania to work out their visitation schedule, and a customary for the visit will follow. Together we are building the Kingdom of God, together we are becoming the "Come and See" diocese, and together we are being formed by our worship and prayer.

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