May | 2018
2018 GATC
Spring is in full bloom and so is the return of our favorite competition. The American Grove team is thrilled to announce the 4th annual Great American Tree Competition.  To enter, submit a photograph of the tree and a description of why it is special, along with its location, species, and size, including its estimated height and/or diameter. Whether your favorite tree is a community member in your local neighborhood or standing proudly off the trail of a national park, nominate it! See if your tree has what it takes to claim the national title of 2018's Great American Tree.
-Morgan Garner, American Grove Administrator 

How Much is Your Tree Worth?
Trees act as the lungs of the Earth. These photosynthetic organisms are a sink for CO2, storing this toxic compound permanently in their leaves. Trees also remove ozone and other particulate matter which can be detrimental to our atmosphere. Shade trees provide hot summer relief and habitats for wildlife all while helping fuel the hydraulic cycle.  There is a satisfactory feeling about witnessing  the first bloom of a newly planted sapling. After investing time and money on maintenance do you ever wonder how much your tree is worth?  It's estimated that trees contribute billions of dollars worth of services annually. In effort to quantify carbon sequestration, increase in property values, and other ecological benefits  we consult an online resource: I-Tree. I-Tree is an intuitive tool that uses science to acknowledge the present and future monetary value of services provided by our local canopy. This resource can aid in urban policy and management practices Visit I-Tree to learn which species of our leafy companions have the greatest environmental and economic impact. 
National Arbor Day

Arbor Day is one of the oldest environmental holidays, established first in Nebraska in 1872.This holiday was created to help encourage the planting of trees in a near barren landscape. In the past year we have witness the loss of many forest members plagued by tropical storms, pests, and fires.Therefore,  Arbor Day celebrations are especially important this year.  This national celebration recognizes all the wonderful benefits trees do for us everyday. Arbor Day is a reminder to invest in the health and longevity of our forests. We celebrate by replanting those we have lost, and protecting the trees who remain standing tall. So how did you celebrate? Share your stories of how you made this holiday meaningful on our national blog. What you do today, impacts the future of our canopy.

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The Overstory by Richard Powers
Our favorite book this month can be found in the environmental fiction section. The Overstory is centered around the longest lived creatures of this Earth and the lives they have saved. The talented Richard Powers has created a story that follows the lives of many unique characters as they discover their deep-rooted connectedness. The author  addresses the balance between comfort of complacency and the power it takes to stand up and speak for those who cannot. As the protagonist quests for environmental justice, Powers uses powerful imagery to describe a deforested future. Through a well constructed plot, the reader catches a glimpse of all humankind would lose without the help of green allies. "All good stories," Powers writes, "kill you a little. They turn you into something you weren't."  We dare you to pick up this page turner!

His book can be purchased here.

Audubon Park's Oldest Oaks
New Orlean's oldest treasures are one lightening strike away from annihilation. The live oaks in the Audubon Zoo are thought to be older than any building in this city, and still aging. Groundskeepers want these trees to remain here forever. Many techniques are being implemented to keep these 200+ year old oaks thriving. Innovative nails have been hand crafted to protect the structural integrity beneath the thick bark of these live oaks. Fellow zoo residents are doing their part by providing local fertilizer. This elephant made compost is even being sold in the zoo gift shop! #ZooDooGold 

The live oak pictured above was captured by Tim B. This photo and many other outstanding pictures can be accessed  here.

Healthy Trees, Healthy People
Pennsylvania's much-anticipated program is being held May 23-24th. Field trips, guest speakers and workshops will be held to demonstrate the vital co-dependence of public health and community forestry health. Click here to register.

Preparing for the Future of Wildland Fire
Visit Missoula MT on May 21st to discover the science and management activities that take place before a wildfire occurs, activities needed during a wildfire event, and the post fire activities and fire ecology. The continuum theme will resonate throughout the conference by emphasizing the fire experience, education, ecology, and management gradients.  
Lunch and Learn: Hazard Tree Evaluation
This Utah State University lunch time webinar will be led by John Guyon, Plant Pathologist, Ogden Field Office, FHP. Tune in on May 8th at 10 am MDT to learn how to mitigate, evaluate, and asses hazard trees.  Click here to learn more.

To learn about these events and others, view our national  events page here.
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