Used Structural Cantilever Rack 
(Home Depot Style!)
Structural steel components providing superior strength. Punched holes run the full height of each column upright  for excellent adaptability and versatility for all of your storage requirements. 
Towers: 12' H and 16' H
Arms: 48" L
Braces:  Fabricated to your needs
Featured Funny Short Story... 
How To Find What You Want In A Hardware Store - PROTIP

1. Check the aisle you think it's on
2. Look for an employee
3. Check two more aisles
4. Wonder around for 10-20 minutes
5. Check the lumber section
6. Struggle to describe what  you need to the guy that is mixing paint
7. Start over.
Strong, Safe, Economical
Wide Variety of Options Available
High Quality Powder Coat Finish
Cantilever Racks are ideal for storage of long, bulky products such as carpet rolls, lumber, pipe, tubing and other similar products.
727-572-0004 | 877-780-7273

4582 107th Cir N, Clearwater FL 33762

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